The look and feel of your survey may be just as important as the questions you ask. Learn how to tweak your survey's look and feel.


Style Your Survey
Explore the various options for customizing your survey's look and feel. Choose a different theme, add a logo, customize your font, and get your survey looking just the way you need.
Add Colors and a Logo to Your Survey Header
Are you looking to add a header at the top of your survey, perhaps with your logo and brand along with your survey title?
Add a Background Image, Pattern or Gradient to Your Survey Theme
Adding a background image is a great way to capture potential respondents' interest from the moment they click your survey link. You can choose from our library of images or upload your own image!
Change Survey Font and Font Size
To change the font of your survey, go to Style > Text > Body Text. From here, you can choose a font, font size and font weight.
Survey Interactions: Choosing How Respondents Interact with Your Survey
Choosing how your respondents interact with your survey questions and pages is more important than you might think. On the Style tab under Layout you can choose both a Desktop Interaction and a Mobil
Remove the Back Button
For some projects, you may not want your respondents to use the back button to change answers on previous pages. You can remove the survey back button in the survey's theme:
Change Text of Next, Back, and Submit Buttons
To change Next, Back, and Submit button text, navigate to the Style tab. Click on Text and access Text Options. Last, input your custom button text via the provided fields.
Change Required Text, Text of a Button, Message and More!
Above are some examples of default messaging used in SurveyGizmo surveys. Did you know you can customize these default messages and/or translate them for multi-language surveys?
Change Color of Next, Back, and Submit Buttons and the Progress Bar
You can easily change the color of the Next, Back and Submit buttons as well as the Progress bar on the Style tab of your survey. To do so simply go to Style > Button/Accent . The Button/Accent color applies to the Next, Back and Submit buttons...
Change Please Select Text in Dropdown Menus
Did you know you can customize the default Please Select text used in Dropdown Menus, Dropdown Menu Lists, Dropdown Menu Grids and the Cascading Dropdown Menu question types? You can also translate t
Remove Survey Progress Bar
Learn how to remove the Progress Bar that is presented at the bottom of your survey by default. Head to the Style tab to access the Layout Options.
Turn Off Powered by SurveyGizmo Logo
The Powered by SurveyGizmo logo displays on all surveys created using the SurveyGizmo Free Plan. You will see the powered by logo added to the footer of all your surveys.
Multiple Themes, One Survey
If you are using multiple share methods or links for your survey you can set different themes for each share link. This is a great way to target certain audiences with your look and feel. To use multiple themes in a single survey you'll need to sta...
Save a Survey Theme to Use in Other Surveys
Have you invested a lot of time on the Style tab creating a survey theme that you are pretty proud of? You can easily save your style settings for use in later surveys. Go to the Style > Themes > Your Theme Library  and click the option to Save as...
Delete a Theme from the Theme Library
Your Survey Theme Library is a great way to save time when styling your survey. If you have survey themes you* are no longer using, you can easily delete them by going to Account > Libraries > Survey
Remove the Border Line Between Questions
Most themes include a border line that separates one question from another. If you wish to remove this line you can do so for the entire survey or question by question Remove this line in your entire survey Go to Style > Layout > Layout Options  ...
Remove Survey Title
Go to the Style tab. Access the Text menu via the style sidebar. Next, expand the Text Options dropdown menu and uncheck the Show Survey Title checkbox. Apply Changes to finish.
Hide Page Titles in Your Live Survey
Page Titles are text fields that are available to use to add a topic header to each page of your survey. When you create a survey, only the Thank You page has a default page title.
White Label a Survey
SurveyGizmo offers many customization options for our customers looking to white-label both their surveys and their account. A white-labeled account is essentially rebranded to give the appearance that all services are coming from the account holder...
Build a Custom Theme
Custom themes allow you to customize the look and feel of a survey and save it in your Survey Themes library to use in later surveys. Custom themes are available to select as your theme on the Style tab of any survey. Simply click the Theme  thum...
Get Hex Codes to Brand Your Survey
Obtaining the HEX code for the exact colors that you want to use in your survey is easy with the right tool. You can use the From Webpage option found on the Style tab to gather the different colors used on your company/personal web page, but de...
Add a Custom Favicon on Browser Tab
Follow these quick steps to create your own favicon, upload it to SurveyGizmo and insert the necessary code.
Recommended Header Image Size
When including an image as part of your survey header on the Style tab we recommend the below image sizes.  Header Images - we recommend images files up to 750px wide and 200px tall. Banner Header Images - If you would like your header image...
Why Are the Option Buttons Not Displaying in My Survey?
SurveyGizmo surveys use custom icons for radio button and checkboxes. These icons are more modern and easier to see and select than the default browser input icons. Unfortunately, respondents using Internet Explorer with high-security settings may...
Why Is the Font for Some of My Survey Questions Different?
Here's the scenario, you finish building out your survey and you head over to the Style tab to tweak your survey's look and feel and the font of some of your questions is different. Sound familiar?
Why is my survey, question, answer option blank?
Are you seeing blank question titles and/or answer options when testing your survey? This is almost always happens when SurveyGizmo displays a language version of the survey that you have not yet translated. This most often happens when the defa...
How do I keep my survey questions from auto-advancing/disappearing after answering?
The one-at-a-time interactions, both desktop and mobile, will auto-advance single-select questions as you see below. We've set the one-at-a-time interaction as the default for mobile to decrease the
Style FAQ and Troubleshooting
Our look and feel options on the Style tab are pretty powerful and, fortunately, pretty easy to use. But, from time to time questions and issues arise.
Moving Over to the New and Improved Theme Builder
Back in November 2014, we built a new theme builder to keep up with new technology. Themes created using the new theme builder will be better looking and more interactive than legacy survey themes. We think your users will love it! The legacy theme...
Change Icons for Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
You can easily increase the size of the Radio Button and Checkbox icons in SurveyGizmo surveys so that they are easier for your survey respondents to select.
Available Icons
Below, you will find a list of available icons that can be used in SurveyGizmo surveys. Use the instructions provided in Change Icons for Checkboxes and Radio Buttons in conjunction with the codes provided below. These icons will be supported by ...
CSS Class Names: Apply Styles to Individual Survey Questions
CSS Class Names allow you to set up a CSS Class on a specific question (or action) that you can then apply CSS to in your survey's theme settings. More technically speaking, a class is a text string that is added to the question's outer-most div th...
Hide Various Elements in Your Survey
We have built-in options to remove or hide many elements in your survey. For example, the back button , the powered-by logo , progress bar and more . However, you might wish to hide an element in your survey that doesn't have a built-in option ...
Change Text of a Button on a Specific Page
While we have a built-in feature to change the text of the Back, Next, and Submit buttons for the Back and Next buttons you may not wish to change the text on every page. You can change the text of a Next and Back buttons on a per-page basis with ...
Change the Color of Validation Error Messages
The validation error messages are designed to complement the survey theme you are using. You can update the color of these error messages with the use of CSS.
Display Questions, Images and Other Survey Elements Side by Side in Columns
Have you ever wanted to align questions into columns within a survey, or put questions next to each other on the page? The easiest way to achieve this is with the Custom Group question type which...
Remove or Customize Required Asterisk
When you require a question in SurveyGizmo, this automatically places an asterisk image next to the question. This identifies that the question must be answered to proceed through the survey. If you prefer to hide the asterisk but still have the...
Change Color of Dropdown Menus
Dropdown menus have white backgrounds and black text to ensure that they are legible. If you wish to change the color of either the background or the text you can do so with a little custom CSS. To do so go to the Style  tab and scroll to the bott...
Change Color of Grid Rows
We have alternately shaded the rows of our grid questions by default. If you wish to add more contrast to the shading you can do so using a little CSS.
Advanced Survey Theme Customizations for Mobile
We designed our standard survey themes to be mobile responsive. Regardless of the device, your survey respondents will be able to respond to your survey.
Adjust Row Header and Slider Width in Slider List Questions
The Slider List question was built to accommodate relatively short row headers. If you find that you need to adjust the width of either the row header or the slider to accommodate your row header text you can do so with a little CSS! Place the belo...
Change Arrows on Next, Back and Submit Buttons to Text
The one-at-a-time interaction for desktop and all mobile-optimized interactions will change the text of the Next, Back, and Submit buttons to arrows by default. If you're not a fan of how this looks you can use a little JavaScript and CSS to chang...
Textbox Question: Display Question Text to the Left of Textbox
By default, the text field in textbox questions is displayed below the question text. If you would prefer to display the textbox to the right of the question you can achieve this pretty quickly. Here's how: Set up your textbox question. Next,...
Hide Option Title in Rating Questions
Hiding the titles for answer options within Likert Scale questions is a very common survey design practice. For example, you may just want to display the titles for right and left-most answer options (and/or Not Applicable options) as below. The...
Adjust Height of Vertical Slider
Are you using the vertical layout option for the Slider question type? Find that the default height is just a little too small? Never fear! You can adjust this with a little CSS! Copy and paste the below CSS code in your survey's theme. To do so...
Place Header Image and Survey Title Side by Side
We do not have a built in feature for placing the Header Image and Survey Title side by side. This workaround works for most of our customers in most cases but may require some tweaking to get it right. If you have a solution that works better let u...
Only Display Survey Title on the First Page of the Survey
Are you looking to display your survey title on just the first page of your survey? While we don't have a built-in option to do so, in this tutorial we'll cover a couple of workarounds to achieve this! Hide Survey Title and Show on Specific Pages U...
Use Images for Icons in Rating Likert Scale Questions
You can easily increase the size of the Radio Button and Checkbox icons so that they are easier to select. If you are looking to change the size and colors of icons, check out this article.
Disable Fly-In Animations for One-at-a-Time Interaction
Do you like the one-at-a-time interaction but you're not a fan of the fly-in animations that are part of this interaction? Never fear, we've got some CSS Code to disable these animations!
Change the Font and Color of Your Page Titles
If you're looking to use a different font for your page titles than what is used for your survey title this workaround will show you how! By default, the font of your survey page title is controlled by the Header Text font control on the Style t...
Move Next and Back Buttons to the Top of the Page
Looking to move your survey Next and Back buttons to the top of the survey page? You will need to make some adjustments to the HTML of your survey's theme.
Move Progress Bar to the Top of the Page
Looking to move your survey's Progress Bar to the top of the survey page? We get this question quite a bit. You'll need to make some tweaks to the HTML of your survey's theme. If you are familiar not with HTML, don't worry; it's pretty easy to accom...