Change the Color of Validation Error Messages

The validation error messages are designed to complement the survey theme you are using. If you are looking to change colors of text/background of your validation error messages, while there is no built-in method for changing the colors, you can absolutely change this with a little CSS! 

Just go to the Style tab and scroll to the bottom of the survey preview and click the link to access to HTML/CSS Editor. Copy and paste any of the below CSS code in the field on the Custom CSS tab to customize the error messages you would like to change! 

	background: #FFC199; /*Change background color*/
	border-left: 9px solid #FF6600; /*Change left border color*/
	color: #2c3e50; /*Change text color*/

background will change the background color. border-left changes the left border color. And color changes the text color. For each of these simply replace the hex code (e.g., #FFC199) with either the color of your choice, such as "black," "purple," etc., or another hex code. Use a color picker like this one to find a hex code:

For soft-require validation, refer to the below screenshot for CSS classes:

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