Using the Help & Community

In this tutorial we will cover how to take advantage of SurveyGizmo's Help & Community to get the answers you need, when you need them.

Wherever you are in the application the Need Help? option will be available to you.

Using the Help & Community Homepage

Need Help? will take you to the Help & Community homepage.

Having trouble finding the Help & Community homepage? Here's the link:

There are a number of resources on the home page. Scroll down on the page to review:

  • Recent Questions - This is a list of questions posted on the SurveyGizmo Community by other SurveyGizmo users like you. If you see something that you want to weigh in on, don't be shy!
  • Popular Help Articles - This list includes some of the most popular help articles from SurveyGizmo's Online Help Documentation.
  • Recent Articles - Here, you will find the newest content published on SurveyGizmo's Online Help Documentation.

Below these columns, you will find several quick links to other resources within both the SurveyGizmo Community and Documentation pages.

After you have browsed the resources on the homepage, we suggest starting your quest for help by searching for your answer.

Using the Help & Community Search

The search will return results from our Community, Documentation and our API & Scripting resources. Use the tabs at the top to narrow down the results to the resources you wish to reference.

When you find a documentation article or community conversation that looks like it will answer your question, simply click it. It will open in a new tab or window (this depends on your browser's settings).

Asking a New Question in Community

If, after searching, you still haven't found what you are looking for, consider asking the community! Our users ask the best questions and are full of creative solutions; don't miss out! Get involved! To ask a question in the community, scroll down a bit on the page and click Ask a Question.

This will bring up the Ask form. Enter a Title (this is ideally your question in one sentence), choose a Category where you think your question belongs, and enter your complete question and any additional details in the Description field. Before you post your question, be sure to review our How to ask tab for tips and guidelines for asking questions in the community. When you are all set, click Post question.

Be sure to stay logged in or check back later for activity on your question. You'll receive notification alerts within the Help & Community site, as well as, email notifications when other users respond to your question.

When you have received a response that answers your question, be sure to click Select on the response that best answers your question; this will help out other users with the same question!

Using Documentation

Remember you also have the help documentation as a resource to answer your questions. To access the help documentation, click the arrow next to Help & Community and select Documentation. On the help site you'll have the freedom to browse all the available article categories.

Having trouble finding the Documentation homepage? Here's the link:

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to browse our most popular articles for your answer or check out our new articles.

Using Documentation Category Pages

Some help categories will have sub-categories. For example, there's a lot to do with building your survey, so the Build category is broken down into eleven sub-categories. For each sub-category the number of articles in that category will be listed to the right of the category name. The first 5 articles will be listed below the category.

Click the sub-category header to view the full list of articles. Use the breadcrumb navigation links to return to where you came from.

Using Articles

Within a help article there are a number of different tools to help get you the answer you are looking for. The In This Article widget in the right-hand column is designed to help you orient yourself within the article. If you're looking for a quick answer we recommend scanning the sections of the article here. You can click these links to jump to a section.

The Available on These Licenses widget will list the licenses in which the feature is available. If you accessed the help from within the application, we'll display your license for reference.

If the article did not answer your exact question, check out the Related Articles at the bottom of the article as we often have multiple articles on a given feature.

At the bottom of each article we have a quick five-start rating to collect your feedback. You can also leave a comment and we'll follow up just as soon as we can. Send us feedback! We're constantly working to improve our documentation; your feedback really helps!

Curious about the author behind your favorite document? Click the author's name to learn more about us!

The Share This Article widget has tools to either download or email the article link to a friend or colleague.

Worried that the article is out of date? Check the Last Updated date and time.

Each of these awesome tools are brought to you by our friends at KnowledgeOwl. A much deserved thanks to them for helping us help you!

Contacting Support

Finally, if you've had no luck finding your answer, reach out to our Support Heroes via chat or email. Learn more about contacting support.

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