New Articles

  1. How do I know what license/plan I have?

    In SurveyGizmo | Enterprise your license type determines the features you have access to in the application. Similarly, in SurveyGizmo | CE your plan type determines the features you can access.
  2. Why Is My Link Not Secure?

    Even if you are using a secure (https) survey link, you may still see an indication in your browser that your survey is not fully secure.
  3. Slack Integration

    SurveyGizmo's Slack Integration allows you to send a message about survey activity to a Slack channel or specific user, allowing your team to take immediate action on survey responses.
  4. Question Types Guide

  5. Edit All Question Aliases

    Question Aliases allow you to replace your question titles with short names, giving you control over your data output (in reports and exports) and helping in terms of cleaning up your survey data.
  6. Use Externally Hosted Images in Surveys

    In the event that you don't have access to the File Library or you are already hosting your images outside of SurveyGizmo, there is another option!
  7. Question Types Guide

    Did you know SurveyGizmo has 42 different question types? Don't be overwhelmed though; this guide covers each question type, what each looks like, and when to use them. Review the below list of quest
  8. Edit All Reporting Values

    SurveyGizmo's Reporting Values give you control over your data output (in reports and exports) and expand your data analysis options. Use the Reporting Values Editor to make bulk changes!
  9. Identify Pending Email Addresses for a Given Message

    As contacts are added to an Email Campaign, and messages are sent out, and responses come in, you'll likely want to track the progress of individual contacts. Using your Status Log, available by...
  10. Identify Bounced Email Addresses

    A bounce is a message that has been deemed undeliverable by the email server. Once an address has bounced, there is no reason to try sending to that contact again. It impacts the overall email del...