New Articles

  1. Move Progress Bar to the Top of the Page New

    Looking to move your survey's Progress Bar to the top of the survey page? We get this question quite a bit. You'll need to make some tweaks to the HTML of your survey's theme. If you are familiar not with HTML, don't worry; it's ...
  2. Can I remove the /s3/ from my survey share link? New

    Whether the SurveyGizmo domain or your own private domain in your share link you'll notice that there is a reference to an s3 directory. The /s3/ portion of the link cannot be removed; this is the reference to the directory where our surveys are stored.
  3. Complete a Data Processing Addendum (DPA)

    If you need to complete a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) for GDPR compliance, you can do so from within the SurveyGizmo application.
  4. Create a Pulse Survey

    Pulse surveys are rising in popularity as an employee feedback tool. These fast, efficient surveys allow HR teams to “check the pulse” of a company by collecting feedback from each employee.
  5. Create Privacy/Data Use Policy

    Thanks to our advanced privacy notice and opt-in consent process, our platform enables survey respondents to clearly understand how their data will be used.
  6. Convert Legacy Account to Licensed Account

    If you are an Account Administrator operating within a SurveyGizmo Legacy Plan, you can upgrade your account to the new plan model, but there are a few things you should be aware of.
  7. GDPR Readiness Kit

    SurveyGizmo users can use our platform to help them comply with GDPR requirements.
  8. Permanently Delete Responses

    Permanently Deleting individual responses is a multi-step process. All of a survey's responses can be viewed via Results > Individual Responses. It is important to note the differences between Deleti
  9. How do I know what license/plan I have?

    In SurveyGizmo | Enterprise your license type determines the features you have access to in the application. Similarly, in SurveyGizmo | CE your plan type determines the features you can access.
  10. Getting Started with SurveyGizmo | Consumer Edition

    Welcome to SurveyGizmo! Hit the ground running by learning how to configure your account, how to create and share your first survey, how to access and analyze your data, and more!