New Articles

  1. Individual Responses: Details Tab

    By clicking Results > Individual Responses , users gain access to a list of all responses collected during survey taking. Selecting a specific response displays a new window showing more specific information on each response. Of particular inter...
  2. Return to Work Assessment Template (Covid-19)

    Pre-built SurveyGizmo Templates are available at the Collaborator license level and up. During these trying times and the transition back into normal workflows, it is important to ensure employees who are returning to work in public spaces a...
  3. Retiring TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 SSL protocols

    SurveyGizmo has scheduled a routine change to our services, and there is a change it could affect survey takers. To keep data safe while in transit, SurveyGizmo utilizes the industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols. I...
  4. Microsoft Power BI Action

    The Power BI Action is available as an Add-On to SurveyGizmo accounts. Interested in purchasing this Action? Contact us for more information. The Power BI Action allows users to push data from SurveyGizmo to utilize several data analytics featu...
  5. Preview Mode

    As users' build out surveys in SurveyGizmo, it is essential to be able test changes made to projects to see how the respondent experience is in survey taking. In Preview Mode , SurveyGizmo provides users a way to do just this, allowing users...
  6. SurveyGizmo University: Getting Started

    SurveyGizmo University hosts a variety of self-paced courses, providing users with the opportunity to increase their SurveyGizmo knowledge and  build out surveys and projects more swiftly. Within SG University, SurveyGizmo users will be walk...
  7. Video Feedback Question Type

    This article covers the Video Feedback Question Type in SurveyGizmo. This includes set up, reporting, and special considerations for collecting video responses.
  8. Reactivate a Formerly Paid Account

    If you previously had a paid account, downgraded to a Free Plan, and now want to re-access your closed/archived surveys, follow the below steps.
  9. Survey Audiences

    SurveyGizmo partners with a third party to provide access to pre-confirmed, double-opt-in, recruited respondents. Respondent profiles are regularly managed.
  10. Log In to Your Account

    You can access the SurveyGizmo login page at You will log in with the email address/password combination that you signed up with.