New Articles

  1. How do I change the format of my email campaign message?

    The default layout of our Email Campaign messages is such that the content is centered and the width is quite skinny. The default layout ensures good display on all devices, however you can override these default styles if you wish.  To ove...
  2. Getting Started Using Offline

    So, you've received an email with a link to a survey (see example email below), now what? The survey's administrator has sent you this email so that you can collect responses in the field. This link is special because it allows for collecti...
  3. How does unsubscribe work?

    All email campaign messages sent via SurveyGizmo must include an unsubscribe link to allow recipients to indicate they no longer wish to receive emails from the sender. This is required by the CAN-SP
  4. Why am I being asked to fill out address information?

    We need this information to ensure that your account is billed correctly and appropriate taxes and fees are applied.  If you do not have knowledge of the correct address information for your account, simply click the SG logo in the top le...
  5. Answer Grouping/Recoding in Reports

    The Answer Grouping feature allows you to do group answer options for reporting purposes. This functionality allows you to do what is often referred to as recoding in data preparation parlance.
  6. Insights Canvas: Sample Use Case

    With this sample use-case, we hope to illustrate just one potential application of the Insights Canvas and give you some ideas about how you can leverage this powerful tool.
  7. MailChimp Integration

    Connect your SurveyGizmo and MailChimp accounts to automate contact creation and management. You'll also have the ability to use your MailChimp subscriber details to populate data into your Survey...
  8. Privacy Shield FAQs

      What is EU - US Privacy Shield? On October 6, 2015, the European Court of Justice issued a judgement declaring as invalid the European Commission’s Decision 2000/520/EC of 26 July 2000 on the adequacy of the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Fram...
  9. Tableau Data Connector Integration

    SurveyGizmo's Tableau Data Connector Integration allows you to import your SurveyGizmo survey results into Tableau. Once you have added this integration to your SurveyGizmo account, you can get start
  10. HubSpot Integration

    SurveyGizmo's HubSpot integration allows you to automate contact creation within HubSpot and also provides you with the ability to use your Contact Record Properties to populate survey data.