New Articles

  1. Getting Started with SurveyGizmo Terminology

    As with any new tool, you may come across features or terms that you are not familiar with. This guide aims to introduce you to some common SurveyGizmo terms that you may not have previously come across.
  2. Account Webhooks: Receive Survey and Response Notifications

    Account Notification Webhooks allow you to receive notifications regarding activity in your account via an HTTP POST to an external URL.
  3. Add Question Library Elements to Your Survey

    At the bottom of any page in your survey (except the Thank You page) you can click the option to Add New From Library. You also have a Insert from Library link between pages.
  4. How Does Each Question Report?

    SurveyGizmo has 42 different question types Depending on the question you decide to use to collect data in your survey, you will get a different default reporting element within the Standard Report.
  5. Convert Test Responses to Live Responses

    If you ever have a need for converting these Test responses to Live responses, there are a number of ways to do so. Once you convert a Test response to Live, you will not be able to reverse this.
  6. Create a Master/Benchmark Survey

    With the help of SurveyGizmo's Custom Scripting, there is a powerful solution that allows you to create responses in a Master Survey right after they are submitted in another survey.
  7. Copy an Email Campaign Within a Survey

    One of the main benefits of copying an Email Campaign is the time that you save by not having to recreate messages and customize settings. Before you copy your campaign, note items that are not copied
  8. Verify Your Sign-Up Email Address

    When you sign up for a SurveyGizmo | Consumer Edition trial account, you will need to verify your email address before you can begin to collect response data.
  9. Set Up a Data Retention Policy

    Within SurveyGizmo, the Data Retention Policy (DRP) Settings allow Account Administrators to specify how long you wish to retain survey responses.
  10. Can I remove the /s3/ from my survey share link?

    Whether the SurveyGizmo domain or your own private domain in your share link you'll notice that there is a reference to an s3 directory. The /s3/ portion of the link cannot be removed; this is the reference to the directory where our surveys are stored.