New Articles

  1. Send a Reminder or Thank You SMS

    Under the Campaign Designer step of your SMS Campaign, below the initial invite, you will have an option to add a reminder or a thank you message.
  2. Send Your Survey Via SMS

    A SurveyGizmo Short Message Service (SMS) Campaign allows you to send out your survey via text message to a list of contacts.
  3. Multiple Accounts With Same Email Address

    If you have accounts hosted across SurveyGizmo's various data centers (US, EU, CA), chances are that you use the same email address to log in to those accounts.
  4. Insight Canvas Custom Events

    Insights Canvas emits two custom events that you can listen for using JavaScript: load & update. Target these events in your JavaScript to make dynamic changes to your Insights Canvas elements.
  5. SurveyGizmo Security Overview

    GDPR Compliance Visit SurveyGizmo's GDPR Command Center for the latest information. Table of Contents Information Security - Executive Summary System Configuration Third-Party Architecture En...
  6. Webinars & Training

    Webinar Recording Library Check out the entire library of SurveyGizmo webinars and view previously recorded webinars on-demand. VIEW WEBINAR RECORDING LIBRARY   Interested in SurveyGizmo Training Events? Learn more about Surve...
  7. How Can Respondents Save Their Progress?

    SurveyGizmo offers a handful of features to allow survey respondents to save their progress in a survey. These are particularly helpful for longer surveys that may not be completed in one sitting.
  8. Transfer Surveys Across Accounts

    Using the Survey Transfer Tool, Account Administrators can transfer a copy of their surveys, as well as, their corresponding responses and reports, from one account to another.
  9. Block Survey Responses from Specific IP Addresses

    If you need to prevent individuals at a certain IP address (or multiple IP addresses) from responding to your survey, you can use logic to do so. Follow the below steps to set this up!
  10. Login/Password Action: Save and Continue Password

    Use the Login Action to allow your survey respondents to save their progress in your survey via the Save and Continue Password feature.