Email Campaigns

Learn how to use email campaigns to identify which response belongs to an individual contact, ensure duplicate protection, and give your respondents the ability to save and continue the survey later.


Send Your Survey Via Email
A SurveyGizmo Email Campaign allows you to quickly send out your survey to a list of contacts via an email set up within SurveyGizmo. Contacts can be uploaded via a spreadsheet or added manually.
Embed Survey in an Email
When using a SurveyGizmo Email Campaign to send out your survey you can choose to embed the first question from your survey into the body of your email message. Your email recipients can click to...
Testing Your Email Campaign
We always recommend sending a test of each message in your Email Campaign to ensure proper formatting before sending out to your full contact list. You will want to do so this after you've customized your messages. On the Send Campaign step o...
Copy an Email Campaign Within a Survey
One of the main benefits of copying an Email Campaign is the time that you save by not having to recreate messages and customize settings. Before you copy your campaign, note items that are not copied
Send a Reminder or Thank You Message
Under the Campaign Designer step of your Email Campaign, below your initial invite, you will have an option to add a reminder or a thank you message. The set up for Reminders and Thank You messages is the same as the initial invite with one addi...
Using Data About Your Contacts in Invite Messages and Surveys
The data uploaded with your contacts will be stored and available in the Email Campaign Contact Fields to set up logic in your surveys and to use in filtering in your reports. This data will also be
Personalize Your Invite, Reminder, and Thank-You Emails
Any data uploaded along with your contacts' email addresses can be used in your email campaign invite messages. Say, for example, you upload your contacts' first and last names; you can then personalize the greeting of your invite message wi...
Adding a Logo or Attachment to an Email Invite Message
Looking to include a logo or other image in your email campaign invite messages? Need to attach a document or other file? We'll cover both of these options in this tutorial! Adding a Logo or Other Image If you are sending out an email invite a...
Using Email Addresses From Your Email Campaign in a Send Email Action Notification
If you are using an Email Campaign to distribute your survey and you wish to send an email notification to each respondent it can be a little tricky to figure out how. In this tutorial, we'll cover h
Include Details From the Survey Response in a Thank You Message
Sending thank you messages to your survey respondents to thank them for their time is a excellent survey best practice. Thank you messages are most commonly set up as part of an email campaign, however these messages do not allow you to pull content...
Using Data About Your Contacts In Survey Logic
If you are using an Email Campaign to distribute your survey, data you upload along with your contacts will be stored and available to set up logic in your surveys.
Email Limits
In order to continue to ensure good email deliverability, there is a limit of 1 0,000 email sends per month . If you wish to send a higher volume of emails, please reach out to your Account Manager (if you are on an Account Managed account), or c...
Change Email Campaign Font
The font in which you email campaign invite messages display depends on the recipient's email client. This is typically either Arial or Times New Roman. You can change this font to one of the above web safe fonts. To do so, go to the Messages ...
Email Campaigns: Link Behavior
In Email Campaigns, the save & continue functionality is controlled under Advanced Settings > Link Settings . There are three available options: Link Settings Explained Below you will find an explanation of the three link behaviors a...
Customize the Link Text in My Email Campaign Message
If you wish to customize the link to read something other than "Click Here to Start the Survey" double click the link. In the popup that appears, enter the text you wish to display as the clickab...
Set Up an Email Campaign to Use your Private Domain
Once you have your private domain configured you'll want to use it in your Email Campaigns . Learn how to ensure that all newly created surveys use your private domain by default (requires Account Administrator configuration). Otherwise, ...
Add a New Contact to an Email Campaign
It's fairly common to add a contact or two to your email campaign after your initial invite was sent out to the original list of contacts. Adding a contact or two is pretty simple.
Send an Email Campaign Invite to a Newly Added Contact
It's fairly common to add a contact or two to your email campaign after your initial invite was sent out. We know how important it is to only send emails to your contacts when necessary. That's why all of our messages, invites, reminders and...
Only Send Reminder to Respondents Who Have Partially Completed Your Survey
SurveyGizmo Reminder messages automatically send to contacts with a response status of Partial or Not Started. If you would like to send a reminder only to contacts with the Parial status, use the workaround described in this article. Looking t...
Change From Email Address in Email Campaigns and Send Email Actions
Wondering what respondents see when they receive an email from your SurveyGizmo account? In Email Campaign messages, the from address will look like so: [From Name]* <> *This pulls from the From Address field in t...
Customize Email Invite Footer
As part of every email campaign invite, a footer is included with the sender's Organization, City, State, and Zip Code, and an unsubscribe link for recipients to unsubscribe from your mailing list.
Monitor Email Campaign Contacts' Progress: Who Responded, Bounced, Unsubscribed etc.
Once you've sent out messages via an Email Campaign, you can monitor the progress of each message on the Delivery Statistics page which will have statistics for each message you sent as well as re...
Identify Bounced Email Addresses
A bounce is a message that has been deemed undeliverable by the email server. Once an address has bounced, there is no reason to try sending to that contact again. It impacts the overall email del...
Identify Pending Email Addresses for a Given Message
As contacts are added to an Email Campaign, and messages are sent out, and responses come in, you'll likely want to track the progress of individual contacts. Using your Status Log, available by...
Resend an Email Campaign Message
Looking to Resend an email campaign message? There are a couple of ways to achieve this! Resend a Specific Message to a Specific Contact If you are looking to resend, say, the initial invite of your email campaign to a specific contact (or a handf...
Unsubscribe/Resubscribe a Contact
An unsubscribed contact will not receive further invites from any campaigns or surveys in your account. This is true regardless of how the contact was added to a given campaign.
Delete Contacts From Your Email Campaign
There are several options for deleting contacts from an Email Campaign. You can delete selected contacts, delete all contacts, or delete unsent contacts.
Contact History
Whether you use Email Lists to manage contacts within your email campaigns or add contacts directly to your Email Campaigns, you have access to a Contact History for each contact.
What's the Difference Between Global and Campaign-Specific Contact Fields?
Within our email campaigns, global contact fields will update our contact management system globally. This means if you are using the same list of contacts in multiple campaigns or surveys the change
Custom Fields in a Contact List vs Email Campaign
In SurveyGizmo there are two different types of Custom Fields. There are custom fields in Email Campaigns and custom fields in Email Lists.
Field Lengths for Email Campaigns
When uploading your contact list information to an email campaign, it's important to know the character limits for each field.
Email Lists
Using Email Lists, you can manage various lists of survey contacts within SurveyGizmo all from one place. Think of it as your survey address book.
Survey a Random Subset of Contacts
Using the Email Lists feature (available to account administrators) , you can send Email Campaign invites to a subset of your contacts and even have SurveyGizmo randomly select x number of contacts that have not been surveyed in x number of da...
sguid the URL Variable: Save & Continue, Unique Links, and Duplicate Protection
Allow your survey respondents to save and return to their survey after they've started by implementing the sguid url variable.
Email Bounces
If you have encountered bounced emails in your SurveyGizmo Email Campaigns, you may be wondering what effects this has on that campaign and future email campaigns.
SPF Records
An SPF record stands for a Sender Policy Framework, which is an open standard created to stop forgery of from email addresses by spammers. An SPF record helps mail servers distinguish forgeries from real mail by making it possible for a domain owner...
Custom Email Settings: SMTP, DKIM, & SPF Records
To enable using a custom From Address in Email Actions and Email Campaigns, you must either send from your own SMTP server or configure your domain with SPF and DKIM records.
Anti-Spam Requirements for Sending Emails from SurveyGizmo
Because we offer Email Campaigns as an option for sending out your survey, we are considered an email service provider (ESP). Thus, we are required to enforce spam laws. Spam negatively impacts deliverability rates, and we want to ensure that when y...
How does unsubscribe work?
All email campaign messages sent via SurveyGizmo must include an unsubscribe link to allow recipients to indicate they no longer wish to receive emails from the sender. This is required by the CAN-SP
Email Campaign FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips
Email Campaigns are one of our most popular features. It is also one of our most complex features. Below are some of the most frequently asked Email Campaigns questions.
How do I change the format of my email campaign message?
The default layout of our Email Campaign messages is such that the content is centered and the width is quite skinny. The default layout ensures good display on all devices, however you can override these default styles if you wish.  To ove...