Identify Pending Email Addresses for a Given Message

As contacts are added to an Email Campaign, and messages are sent out, and responses come in, you'll likely want to track the progress of individual contacts.

Monitor Contacts: Identify Pending Email Addresses

Download Your Status Log

Using your Status Log, available by clicking the Export Contacts with Send Status link under the Delivery Statistics of your Email Campaign you can identify which contacts are eligible for the various message sends. Keep in mind, the Status Log is dynamic; it updates as messages are sent and responses come in so you'll want to download a current Status Log in order to understand where you contacts are in the campaign.

Monitor Contacts: Export Contacts Via Delivery Statistics Page

Depending on which message you'd like to understand, the steps vary a bit.

Identify Pending Contacts for an Initial Invite

Identifying the pending contacts for an Initial Invite this is quite easy. Simply find the Initial Sent On column in your Status Log. Any email addresses where this field is blank are pending for the Initial Invite send. Please note that depending on the size of your initial send, it could take several hours before all invites are sent. All times shown are in EST.

Monitor Contacts: Initial Invite

Identify Pending Contacts for Reminders

There are two criteria for contacts to be eligible for a reminder send:

1. The contact's Response Status must be something other than Complete.

2. The contact must have received the previous message (either Invite or Reminder).

In the below example, only the highlighted contacts will be included as pending contacts to receive the reminder.

Monitor Contacts: Pending Reminder

Identify Pending Contacts for Thank You Messages

Identifying contacts pending for a thank you message is quite easy. Contacts who have completed a survey are the only contacts eligible to receive a thank you message. Contacts with a Response Status of Complete will be included in the list of pending contacts for your thank you message.

In the below example the highlighted contact is the only contact eligible to receive the thank you message.

Monitor Contacts: Pending Thank You Message

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