Multiple Themes, One Survey

If you are using multiple share methods or links for your survey you can set different themes for each share link. This is a great way to target certain audiences with your look and feel.

To use multiple themes in a single survey you'll need to start by setting up a combination of multiple links or share methods. This might mean multiple web links or multiple email campaigns or a share link and an embed, etc. Learn more about Share Options.

Once you have multiple links or share methods set up, go to the Style tab and click the Survey Link icon to switch to your various share methods.

You'll see that by default the link is set to use the Survey's default theme. The default theme is the initial theme you set up on the Style tab. You can access this at any time by selecting it from the top of the Survey Link menu.

To use a different look and feel for a given link check the option to Override survey default with custom theme and settings and click Apply Changes.

Now you're set to create a customized look and feel for this share link! You can then repeat these steps for your other share links or methods to achieve a custom look and feel for each method!

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