How do I know what license/plan I have?

In SurveyGizmo | Enterprise your license type determines the features you  have access to in the application. Similarly, in SurveyGizmo | CE your plan type determines the features you can access. 

Not sure what license or plan you have? Go to Account > Summary > My Preferences your plan or license will be listed in the License/Plan Type field. 

As you use our help documentation in the right-hand panel of reach article the Available on these Plans & Licenses widget will list the licenses in which the feature is available. If you accessed the help from within the application, we'll display your license for reference. If not, simply hop over to Account > Summary > My Preferences to confirm your plan/license.

How do I change my plan and license?

If you find yourself needing more features, you can always upgrade your SurveyGizmo Plan or License.

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