Set Up a Private Domain

Private domains allow you to fully brand your survey links removing any reference to SurveyGizmo. A private domain is set up jointly by your IT department and SurveyGizmo. Your IT department creates a subdomain and points it to SurveyGizmo. For example, in this link — — "surveys" is a subdomain of Don't have a IT department to help with this? Check out our GoDaddy Tutorial.

Team & Enterprise Accounts have access to create one private domain; additional domains can be purchased. Private domains can be purchased by single-user accounts as well.

If you are instead looking to set up a branded subdomain, e.g., check out our Share Link Branding and Customization Tutorial.

1. Decide what you want your subdomain to be. If your website is then you might decide on 

2. Tell your IT department to create a CNAME DNS record for the subdomain of your choice and have them point it to the appropriate domain dependent on whether your account is US, EU, or Canada:

  • For US Accounts your CNAME must be pointed to
  • For EU Accounts your CNAME must be pointed to
  • For Canada Accounts your CNAME must be pointed to

(Not sure if you have a US, EU, or Canada account? Learn more!)

IMPORTANT: When pointing the CNAME, it is tempting to replace privatedomain with whatever you have decided to serve as your private domain. DO NOT replace the word privatedomain. The CNAME must be pointed to ( for EU). privatedomain is not placeholder text.

3. Click on your Account > Account Settings > Domains. 

4. Click New Private Domain

5. Enter the private domain that has been set up by your IT department in the Private Domain field.

Survey Not Found URL

In the event that a respondent incorrectly types a link or perhaps does not copy/paste the entire survey link into the browser, a Survey Not Found Page will be displayed.

You have the option of customizing the Survey Not Found Page by editing your private domain and inserting a URL here:

The Survey Not Found Page displays in the event that a survey link is incorrect (perhaps manually typed incorrectly or improperly copied/pasted) or does not exist. If your survey link is and a respondent types in (missing the last part of the link), the Survey Not Found Page would be displayed.

If the respondent simply uses, unfortunately the Survey Not Found Page would not be displayed as the /s3/ portion of the link tells SurveyGizmo to look for a survey and in this instance it is missing.

If a Survey Not Found Page is not specified, the default SurveyGizmo Survey Not Found Page will be displayed.

Secure Private Domains

If you have a private domain set up, you'll notice that you cannot create a link that is both secure and uses your private domain. For Team & Enterprise Accounts, we can configure your private domain for SSL. Learn more in our Set Up a Secure Private Domain Tutorial.


Have you followed the above steps and your private domain is still not working?

Check to make sure that you pointed your CNAME DNS record to the correct domain

  • EU accounts should point to
  • US accounts should point to
  • Canada Accounts should point to

Not sure if your account is US, EU, or Canada?

Check the URL when you are logged in to the application. If you see your account is a US account.

If you see your account is an EU account.

If you see, your account is a Canada account.

If the link doesn't work immediately, please be patient.

When changing CNAME records, there is a value called TTL (time to live), which dictates how long information like a CNAME could be cached before being refreshed. A TTL of 86400 (seconds) would mean that, if a DNS record was changed on the primary nameserver, DNS servers around the world could still be showing the link from their cache for up to 24 hours after the change.

Is Your Link Unique?

When customizing your link to use a private domain it is possible to create a survey link that is identical to another survey link. This will throw an error when you save the link because your survey link is an address or path to a survey it must be unique.

What If the Duplicate URL Is From a Closed or Deleted Survey?

If the survey is closed the survey link URLs are still considered used and will throw the unique link error if an identical link is created in a new survey.

Survey link URLs in deleted surveys are free to use again.

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