Survey Your Website Visitors with an Embedded Survey

SurveyGizmo's embed options allow you to easily include your surveys directly on your own website. Simply copy the embed code and paste it in your website's code. It's really that easy!

In this tutorial, we'll cover the four embed types and when you would use them. Check out the specific embed type tutorials to learn how to set up these embeds. 

Access Embed Options

Embed Types

HTML Embed

Our HTML Embed includes the HTML code for the first page of your survey to paste on your website. The survey respondent is then redirected to once the respondent submits the first page (at this time the redirect does not support private domains). Learn more in our HTML Embed Tutorial

Iframe Embed

Use the Iframe Embed to embed a survey into your website/blog within an isolated frame. This method gives you control over the height and width in the actual embed code. It is our most reliable method for displaying a survey on your website. 

When should I use an Iframe Embed?

  • If you wish to preserve your survey's styles the Iframe is your best option.
  • If you need to control the height and width of the embed.

Learn more in our Iframe Embed Tutorial.

JavaScript Embed

The Javascript Embed will embed your survey using JavaScript code. If you don't like the isolated frame that displays with the Iframe Embed, then this is the embed for you!

When should I use a JavaScript Embed?

  • If you wish to have you survey inherit the styles of your website, the JavaScript embed is the best option!

Learn more (including some limitations) in our JavaScript Embed Tutorial.

Website Pop-Up

A Website Pop-Up creates a pop-up window asking the visitor if they would like to take a survey. A 'yes' continues to the survey and a 'no' closes the window. This pop-up is triggered each time the web page is loaded. Learn more in our Website Pop-up Tutorial.


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