Share a Link to Your Survey

A Web Link is the most common way to share your survey. This link can be posted to a website, sent via email through your personal account or even printed on marketing materials. You can create as many Web Links for a survey as needed.

Upon project creation, a link is automatically generated for you. To get your share link, go to the Share tab of your project. The link is found within the Primary Share Link section.

Additional web links can be created by clicking the Create New Tracking Link button. You can add links to your survey at any time, however, we discourage changes to any links that have already been distributed as your respondents will no longer be able to access the link.

Don't see the Share or Report tab? You probably created your survey as a Template, here's how to get the Share tab back!

Accidentally delete a link? No worries, you can quickly restore it!

Customize Link Settings

Click Customize to access the the link customization options.

If you have created multiple share links, the customization settings can be accessed via the Edit option corresponding to each link.

The following customization options are available for share links:

Name: The internal name of the Web Link, so you can keep track of links.

Link Status - Open/Closed: Open links are ready to collect data. By default, a link is open the moment it is created. However, no one can find the link 'out in the wild' without distributing it. Closed links will display the Closed Message specified on the Advanced tab when the link is closed (and the survey remains open).

If you want to change the title at the end of your link, you can customize the end of the URL here. Only make these types of changes prior to distributing your link to respondents.

Secure: Choose between Normal (http://) and Secure (https://) links. Secure links are only available when using a default link.

Sub-Type: The Default link is available with all plan levels, while the Short link, Branded Subdomain and Private Domain are features available for paid plans and allow the greatest amount of branding.

A Default link uses as the base of the link so your link looks like this:

A Branded Subdomain uses a subdomain that you set up in Account Settings, to create a more customized link, like: http:/

A Short URL creates a randomly generated tiny link which is good for emailing, like: You can also utilize third-party tools to create short links. Click here to learn more!

A Private Domain is a completely branded link with no reference to SurveyGizmo, like:


Quota: Set a maximum number of completed responses for the individual link. Once the quota is met, the Close Message specified on the Advanced tab is displayed.

Duplicate Cookie Protection: Set up cookie-based vote protection. This allows a single response per browser.

Link Open/Close Date: Define an open and close date/time for this link. Use the 24-hour format of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. These dates are based on Eastern Standard Time.

URL Variables: Set static URL Variables to always be passed into the survey responses from this link. These URL variables will not be displayed in the query string and will remain hidden from the respondent. Please note that you don't need to add a question mark to the beginning of the query string, it's built-in once you add variables.

Language: Set the language the survey will display for this link. The default setting of Auto will detect the language of the respondent's browser and display the survey in that language, if a translation is available in Text & Translations. You can also choose a specific language for the Web Link by selecting it from the dropdown.

Set Close Message: This close message will be displayed to respondents who access link after the link is closed. If the status of the survey is changed to Closed, the survey-level close message will override this close message.

Create a Unique Link for Each Respondent

To create a unique link for each survey respondent you can Send Your Survey Via Email within SurveyGizmo or Create Unique Links to Invite by Another System

Restore Deleted Link

If you need to recover a link that was deleted, you can click the Restore link in the upper right hand corner of the Email Campaigns and Source Tracking area. A menu will appear of all deleted links, select the one you need and it'll appear in your list of links once again!

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