Remove the Back Button

For some projects, you may not want your respondents to use the back button to change answers on previous pages. You can remove the survey back button in the survey's theme:

  1. Go to Style > Layout > Layout Options.
  2. Uncheck the Show Back Button option and click Apply Changes.

Note: Turning off the back button does not prevent the respondent from using the browser back button.

Removing Back Button on a Single Page

If you wish to hide the back button on a single page this JavaScript will hide the back button on that page that it has been placed on. In the example survey below the back button is hidden on the third page. 

Check it out in a survey: 

See this script in action in an example survey


Add a survey with this script and setup to your account.

The Script

  1. On the page you'd like the back button to be hidden, click Add New Action > JavaScript.
  2. Provide a Description (name) for your action and paste the below code into the JavaScript field. Save the action when you're finished. 


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