Net Promoter Score Question Type

Net Promoter Score questions are used to gauge customer loyalty. 

NPS questions are typically phrased like so: "Based on your experience, how likely are you to recommend SurveyGizmo to a friend or colleague?"

Respondents respond on a scale from 0 to 10. Typically, the reporting value is numeric for analysis purposes. 


1. Click the Question link on the page where you would like to add your NPS question. 

2. Select Net Promoter Score from the Question Type dropdown and enter the question you wish to ask.

3. This will add answer options 0-10. You'll notice that these options are greyed out; this is because they cannot be changed. This is so that the question can report properly.

4. On the Layout tab we recommend adding a Far Left Label and Far Right Label and click Save Question.

 Best Practice Tip: Adding a Follow-up Essay Question

Net Promoter Score questions should always be paired with an open text field to collect details on why the respondent choose their score. Otherwise, how are you going to improve your score?

Of course, you'll need to read and act on this feedback once you start collecting it. Check out our Open Text Analysis and Response Tagging tools to help you with this!

Survey Taking

On a desktop and most laptops the Net Promoter Score question type looks like so.

When optimized for mobile devices the Net Promoter Score question type looks very similar but with larger targets as mobile respondents will be using their finger to select answers.

By default, survey questions show one at a time on mobile devices to prevent the need for scrolling on smaller screens. For single-select questions, like the Net Promoter Score question, the screen will automatically advance after an option is selected. You can turn off this one-at-a-time interaction if you wish.


In reports responses are categorized as either promoters (9-10), neutrals (7-8) or detractors (0-6). A Net Promoter Score is calculated as the percent of promoters minus the percent of detractors.

Report Compatibility

The below grid shows whether Radio Button questions are compatible with each of our report types. If you plan to do some specific analysis within SurveyGizmo this report compatibility chart should help you choose the right question types.

Report TypeCompatible
Legacy Summary 


In the CSV/Excel export, the data is displayed in a single column.


 Can I change the number of options in the NPS question?

Our software does not allow for changing the number of answer options in this question type. Net Promoter Score is designed around an 11-point scale, and our reporting relies on this. If you would like to hide the 0 option in your NPS question, you can do so without negatively affecting the reporting for this question by using the following snippet of display code.

Go to Style and scroll to the bottom of the survey preview to access the link to the HTML/CSS Editor. Paste one of the below CSS statements on the  Custom CSS tab.

If your NPS question has a left label copy and paste the below CSS.

.sg-second-cell {
display: none;

If your NPS question does not have a left label copy and paste the below CSS.

.sg-first-cell {
display: none;

 How reliable is Net Promoter Score?

There is little clear evidence for or against the use of Net Promoter Score as a performance indicator. Common points of discussion include its simplicity, the 11-point scale used, and the arbitrary grouping of promoters vs detractors vs neutral. We encourage you to weigh the benefits (simplicity, intuitiveness) against the potential downsides (lower accuracy, cultural differences affecting promoter vs detractor grouping) to determine if it may be the right question type for your situation.

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