Standard Report: Collapsed Response List

Collapsed Response Lists are used to report on validated Textbox questions and a couple of other question types.

Collapsed Response List

Note: The Collapsed Response List will display the first 1000 characters only (per response) within the Standard Report.

Default Questions

Available Options for Collapsed Response List

There are a number of options available for collapsed response lists. To explore these options click the pencil icon within the report to edit.

First, if you wish to filter the data that displays for an individual collapsed response list, click the Filter option to the right of the element and use the logic builder. Learn more about filtering an individual element.

If you wish to display the specific details of your filters below your chart check the Show Details of Filter with Report Element checkbox below the logic builder.

Report Element: Filter Options

To explore even more options, review the settings available within the Layout & Options tab.

Question Options

  • Word Cloud - This is the visual representation of the number of times a word is used across responses.
  • Summary Table - This is the table below the chart that can be expanded to show responses.
  • Collapse Open Text Response Tables - un-check this box to display the list expanded rather than collapsed.

Answer Options

  • Response Counts - When checked, a response count will be displayed in the first column of the list for each open text response. Not compatible with Response IDs option.
  • Response IDs* - When checked, the response ID number associated with the open text response will be displayed in the first column of the list. Not compatible with Response Counts option.

*Response IDs are not available for Essay questions that are part of Custom Group or Custom Table questions.

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