Standard Report: Response Table

Include Individual Responses in the Standard Report

Sometimes the individual responses are as important to understanding your data as the summarized/aggregated data.

  1. Use the Insert button located between any two report elements to include a grid of your Individual Responses. Select Response Table from the available options.
    Insert Response Table
  2. After selecting this option a table of Individual Responses will be added to your report. Here you will see a list of your responses.
    Response Table Example

Sort by Column

Your Response Grid can be sorted by the default column headers of ID, Status, and Date. To sort by one of these column headers, click directly on the column header. Click on the column header a second time to sort in the opposite direction.

Sort Response Table Data

Customize Grid Columns

If you wish to customize what is displayed in the grid click the edit link to the right of the Response Table. Next, select the Customize Grid Columns link and select up to 5 fields to include. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the window and click Done to apply your changes.

Customize Grid Columns

Customize Detail View

The Detail View refers to the data that is seen if a specific individual response is clicked. 

If you wish to customize the data within this view, click Edit to the right of the Table and select Customize Detail View. All pages and questions will be selected by default. Simply uncheck any questions or pages you wish to exclude from view in the Individual Response.

Customize Detail View

Customize Detail View Example


At this time, response tables are not available in report downloads

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