Dropdown Menu Grid Question Type

The Dropdown Menu Grid allows respondents to select an option for each column and row combination using a uniform dropdown of answers.

When To Use It

Use a Dropdown Menu Grid to display multiple dropdown questions that share the same possible answers. The dropdown menus are presented as 'cells' within the grid.


  1. Click to add new Question on the page where you want to add your Dropdown Menu Grid and input your question text.
  2. Next, add your dropdown menu items. These items will be consistent across all dropdown menus within your grid.
    Dropdown Menu Items
  3. Next, proceed to input the Columns and Rows that will make up your grid.
    Dropdown Menu Column and Row Headers
  4. Once you are finished, Save your question.

Validation Options

Depending on how much information you are looking to collect via this question, you may want to specify the minimum rows and/or answers required. To do so, access the question's Validation tab.

Dropdown Menu Grid Validation Options


Editing Reporting Values after data is collected will NOT update responses that have been already collected. When translating this question type, always do so PRIOR to collecting data.

Survey Taking

On a desktop and most laptops the Dropdown Menu Grid question type looks like so

Dropdown Menu Grid Survey Taking on Mobile

When optimized for mobile devices the Dropdown Menu Grid question type looks very similar. Many mobile devices have a native select interface to make it easier for respondents to select an option with their finger. Whether or not this is available depends on the device.

By default, survey questions show one at a time on mobile devices to prevent the need for scrolling on smaller screens. You can turn off this one-at-a-time interaction if you wish.

Dropdown Menu Grid Survey Taking on Mobile


Dropdown Menu Grids report as a series of Grids, one for each row header, with the count and percent for each column and answer option combination.

Dropdown Menu Grid Reporting

 See additional compatible chart types

 See what other report types are compatible

The below grid shows which of the report types Dropdown Menu Grid questions are compatible with. If you plan to do some specific analysis within SurveyGizmo this report compatibility chart should help you choose the right question types!

Report Type
Legacy Summary



(not available as source question)


The CSV/Excel export will display a column for each row and column combination, displaying the answer given by the respondent in the dropdown menu.

Dropdown Menu Grid Exporting

 Best Practice Tip: Grid Questions on Mobile Devices

Grid questions are often used to allow your survey respondents to make comparisons. For example, in the below question, survey respondents are implicitly making a comparison across the various ice cream brands listed in the rows.

Because this is the most common and best use of grid question types it is important to note how grid question types display on mobile. Grid questions will be displayed one grid row per page. This will reduce horizontal scrolling trouble as well as problems survey respondents typically experience trying to select the correct option.

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