Randomize Answers

Survey researchers frequently use randomization as a tool to combat survey bias. Randomizing the order of questions, pages, and/or answer options in your survey prevents bias introduced by order and/or survey fatigue. Within SurveyGizmo you can randomize questions, pages and answer options!

Randomize the Order of Answer Options

  1. Edit the question and go to the Layout tab.
  2. Select the option to Randomize Options (or Randomize Row Order or Randomize Columns).
  3. Click Save Question.

This set up is the same if you wish to randomize row or column headers.

Fix the Position of a Given Answer Option When Randomizing

  1. Edit the question.
  2. Scroll to the answer option you wish to exclude and click the pencil icon to edit.
  3. Select Yes under Fixed Position.

  4. Click Done and Save Question.

Compatible Question Types

Question Type Answer Randomization Fixed Setting
Radio Buttons  
Dropdown Menu  
Image Select (Single and Multiple)  
Textbox List - Randomizes row order  
Dropdown Menu List - Randomizes row order not options  
Rating (Likert Scale)  
Drag & Drop Ranking 
Ranking Grid 
Continuous Sum  
Star Rating Grid - Randomize row order and columns  
Slider List - Randomize row order and columns  
Grid Questions (Radio Button, Checkbox, Dropdown Menu and Textbox) - Randomize row order and columns  
Custom Table - Randomize row order 

What should I know about answer option randomization?

  • All built-in randomization features in SurveyGizmo utilize true randomization, meaning it will not ensure even representation of elements. Our Programming Services team can assist with balanced customization if you wish!
  • The specific random order in which randomized answer options were displayed to the respondent is not available in reporting.
  • If using column randomization within a grid question, note that this feature is not compatible in conjunction with columns that are piped-in and the fixed and N/A special setting for columns.

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