What Is a Thank You or Terminal Page?

New SurveyGizmo surveys will always start with two pages, an initial page, called Page 1, and a Thank You Page.

You will notice that the Thank You Page has fewer options for adding new elements to the page. Most notably, you cannot add questions to the Thank You Page of the survey.

If you take a quick preview of the Thank You Page in your new survey, you will see that the Thank You Page has neither a Next nor a Back button. Data is collected in SurveyGizmo surveys when the Next button at the bottom of the page is clicked. Because Thank You Pages are terminal pages, used by the SurveyGizmo system to mark the response as complete, they are unable to collect data; hence, no questions or actions that collect data can be added to Thank You Pages.

Example Thank You Page

Customize Your Thank You Page

Thank You Pages come with a default Text / Instructional element. If you wish you can edit this element. You can also add other elements to the Thank You Page.

Compatible Survey Elements for Thank You Pages

Any survey element that does not collect or store data can be added to the Thank You Page. Below is the list of elements that can be added to a Thank You Page.

We recommend that your Thank You Page has at least one visible element to prevent your respondents from being confused by a blank page.
ElementDescriptionVisible To Respondents
Text / InstructionsDisplay text or instructions to your survey respondents 
Audio/Video PlayerUpload an audio or video file to your SurveyGizmo file library for respondents to watch or listen to. 
ImagesUpload an image to your SurveyGizmo file library to display to your survey respondents. 
Results ChartDisplay summarized results to respondents. 
Quiz ScoreScore respondent's answers and display a message about how they did. 
Send EmailSend an email at the completion of each survey response to your survey to respondents, colleagues, yourself, etc.
Review Response ActionAllow respondents to review their response to the survey. 
Review Response ActionAllow respondents to review their response to the survey. 
Custom ScriptExtend the functionality of SurveyGizmo using our library of scripting functions.
Payment ActionAllow respondents to submit payments via our Stripe integration. 
JavaScriptExtend the functionality of SurveyGizmo using Javascript.
URL RedirectSend respondents to your website upon completing your survey.
Google SpreadsheetSend data collected in your SurveyGizmo surveys to a spreadsheet in your Google Drive account.
WebhookSend data to an external database.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud PushSalesforce Marketing Cloud Push
SalesforceSend data to Salesforce
Social Media ActionAllow respondents to share your survey on social media for more responses. 

Add Additional Terminal Pages

Each SurveyGizmo survey should have at least one Thank You Page (you will notice there is not option to delete the Thank You Page). As you build logic into your survey, you can use Skip Logic to jump respondents to the Thank You Page, when questions and pages do not apply to them. 

There is also the option to add additional terminal pages. You can mark any page in your survey as a terminal page by clicking the pencil icon for the page to edit and changing the Terminal Page option to Yes on the Logic tab. Creating new Thank You Pages is usually an alternative to using skip/disqualify logic. Respondents can be selectively sent to intermediate Thank You Pages in your survey as a method for terminating them early and simultaneously marking their response as complete. This allows for super flexible surveys!

On the Build tab, terminal pages will be labeled as a Thank You Page and will have a blue header that reads Responses are marked as complete when they reach this page.

Thank You Page Notification

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