Save and Continue

On longer surveys, you may want to allow respondents to come back later to finish their response. The Save & Continue Survey Setting adds an option for survey respondents to enter their email address to receive a link to return to their survey later. The Save & Continue bar will be added to all pages after the first page of your survey.

Example Use

Use this feature when you don't have a list of contacts to upload to an email campaign but you want to offer your respondents a way to save and return to their response.


1. Click Advanced > Response Settings.

2. Check to Allow respondents to save their progress and return to a survey later.

3. Choose the Save & Continue Position (the Save & Continue bar will display at the top of the survey by default).

  • Top will display the Save & Continue banner along the top of the each page of the survey.
  • Bottom will display the Save & Continue banner along the bottom of each page of the survey. (Note, the Bottom position is not compatible with mobile and will not display on mobile devices.)
  • Fixed Position will anchor the bar so that it will stay in view when survey respondents scroll (see below).

4. Click Save Settings.

5. (Optional) To change the Save & Continue bar text and email messages go to Tools > Text & Translations > click English (or any other language choice) > Save & Continue.

When this feature is enabled, saved responses will be marked as Partial. We are unable to provide you with the email addresses used, so please include an email question in the survey if you want to be able to follow-up with the respondents.

Determine Who Used Save & Continue

If you want to see which of your respondents used the Save and Continue link, you can see this information in a CSV/Excel export of your data.

Go to the Results > Exports and click CSV/Excel link. In the window that pops up, select Include URL Variables. Once your export has run, you'll see a column labeled URL Variable: snc. If this column has a long string of alphanumeric characters, they used the Save and Continue link. If it's blank, they didn't!

Save & Continue Feature Compatibility

  • Save & Continue is compatible with IP Duplicate protection.
  • The Save & Continue Setting is not compatible with Javascript Embeds.
  • Once a response using a Save & Continue Survey Setting link is completed, there is no way for the respondent to edit their response using that link. You will need to provide them an edit link to make changes to their response.

Change Save & Continue Email Details

When a respondent uses the Save and Continue option in a survey, they are sent an email from SurveyGizmo with the link they need to continue. If you'd like to change both the From address and name, click the Tools tab along the top and select Text & Translations. Select your translation (choose English if you haven't made a translation to another language) then click the Save & Continue tab. Scroll down and you'll see the options to change both the address and the name.

Closing a Survey with Save and Continue Enabled

When you close a survey all survey share links, including Save and Continue links, will close preventing respondents from recording further responses or completing partial responses.

If you wish to allow survey respondents with Save and Continue links to complete their response after the survey is closed you can check the Allow Existing Sessions to Continue option. This option allows respondents who are in the middle of a response at the time that you close the survey to proceed. It also allows survey respondents who have recorded a partial response to resume their response via either an Email Campaign link or a Save and Continue link after you have closed the survey. Leave this option unchecked if you wish to stop all survey activity at the time that you close the survey.

Customize the Save & Continue Bar Look & Feel

The Save & Continue bar is designed to complement the survey theme you are using. If you are looking to change colors of text/background on the save and continue bar, while there is no built-in method for toggling the colors, you can absolutely change this with a little CSS!

On the Style tab scroll to the bottom of the survey preview and click the link to access the HTML/CSS Editor. Copy and paste the CSS code for the elements of the Save and Continue bar you would like to change on the Custom CSS tab! 

After "background-color:" and "color:" place either with the color of your choice, such as "black," "purple," etc., or you can use a color picker like this one to insert a hex code:

For font size adjustments, place either a font size small, medium, large, x-large or specify exact pixels after "font-size:"

To change the color of the background:

#sg-snc-bar {

To change the color and/or font-size of the "Save and continue survey later" link:

#sg-snc-bar a {
font-size: large;

To change the color and/or font size of the "Please supply an email address..." text:

#sg-snc-box {
font-size: large;

To change the color and/or font size of the left labels on the email fields:

.sg-snc-fields th {
font-size: large;

To change look & feel of the Save button:

.sg-snc-buttons input {
border:1px solid #FFF;
padding:2px 7px;

To change the hover color of the Save button:

.sg-snc-buttons #sGizmoSaveButtonX:hover {

To change the hover color of the Cancel button:

.sg-snc-buttons button#sGizmoCancelButtonX:hover {

To change the color of the input text:

#sg-snc-bar .sg-input-text {

And lastly, to change the color and/or font size of the Cancel link:

.sg-snc-buttons button {

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