Individual Responses


Understanding Response Statuses
Survey responses in SurveyGizmo will have various statuses. Below we'll discuss what each status means. Responses are Real, Test or Quarantined.
Customize Response Grid to Display the Data You Need
By default the response grid on the Responses tab will display Date/Time and the first four questions in your survey. Don't fret though, you can change this to display the data that this is most impo
View, Delete, Edit and Convert Responses
Under Results > Individual Responses you can review each of your individual survey responses.
Mark a Survey Response as Complete
A survey response in SurveyGizmo is marked as completed when the respondent reaches the Thank You page (or another Terminal Page). All other responses will be marked as partial.
Add a Tag to Responses and Answers
Response Tags are available to use as a survey administration tool. Use these Response tags to categorize your responses, not for Open Text Analysis.
Export Responses as PDFs
Under the Individual Responses section of your project's Results tab you can export your responses to PDF. To do so one-by-one, click the response and at the bottom left of the response panel click the Download button. Export Responses in ...
Delete Test Responses
If you've followed our best practices for testing your survey you can easily filter out responses marked as test from your reports and exports.
Allow a Respondent to Edit Their Response
An Edit Link will allow a survey respondent to complete a partial response or edit the information that he or she already submitted as a completed response.
Import Data into Your Survey
You can use the Data Import tool to import data (via a formatted spreadsheet) from other surveys and other external sources into your survey.
Review Response Action: Allow Respondents to Review Their Response
The Review Response Action allows your respondents to review their response to the survey. Use this to give your respondents a chance to change their mind before submitting the survey.
Results Chart: Display Results to Respondents within Your Survey
A Results Chart allows your respondents to see a chart of the summary for a question in your survey. It will act like one of our Poll projects without being restricted to just one question.
Customize a PDF
There are several PDFs available throughout SurveyGizmo. Below we'll cover your options for customizing these various PDFs.
Google Sheets Integration
Using the Google Spreadsheet integration you can push realtime data from your survey into a Google Spreadsheet. It's quick and allows you the flexibility of sharing the document with anyone you want!
Geodata Location Explained
The geodata location, found in Individual Responses and exports, derives the city, state, ZIP code, or country from which a person has connected to the Internet by using their device's IP address.
Understanding User Agent
SurveyGizmo collects a User Agent string for every survey response (except anonymous surveys). This string contains information about the browser, operating system, and device of the respondent.
Re-fire an Action
If, for whatever reason, you need to have an action re-fire to send the email again or post data, you can easily do that! Go to the Results > Individual Responses . Click a response and then click the Action Log . You'll see a list of the actions...
Import Data to a Single Question in Your Survey
In some cases you may want to import data to a single question in your survey. For example, our beta version of our NPS® did not have as much functionality as our current NPS question.
Individual Responses: Details Tab
By clicking Results > Individual Responses , users gain access to a list of all responses collected during survey taking. Selecting a specific response displays a new window showing more specific information on each response. Of particular interest...
Understanding the Data Quality Tab in Individual Responses
On the Data Quality tab of each Individual Response SurveyGizmo provides you with flags regarding respondent's survey-taking behavior. In this tutorial we'll cover what each of these flags mean and h
Individual Responses FAQs and Troubleshooting
Find answers to common questions and explore troubleshooting tips concerning your survey's Individual Responses tab.
Convert Test Responses to Live Responses
If you ever have a need for converting these Test responses to Live responses, there are a number of ways to do so. Once you convert a Test response to Live, you will not be able to reverse this.