Permanently Delete Data

In order to have your data permanently deleted, we require a written request asking to permanently remove all response data from our servers. This request must come from the account administrator. Please complete the below form.

Permanent deletion of the survey form itself is free for the first 10 survey deletions. Deletion of additional survey forms are $10 per survey. We can also permanently delete files uploaded by respondents via the File Upload question. There is no fee for deleting these files.

Once your request is completed, SurveyGizmo will reply with written confirmation that all files, database records and backups of this data have been destroyed. This is the point of no return, data cannot be recovered past this point.

Other Deletion Options

The above request form is for permanent deletion of data. Keep in mind you have a number of options for deleting data that effectively moves your data to a recycle bin like in many computers operating systems.

Under Results > Individual Responses you can:

  1. Delete responses one-by-one by selecting the red x icon on the far right in the response list.
  2. You can also select multiple responses to delete using the checkboxes to the left of each response. Then just scroll to the bottom of the list and click Select Bulk Action > Delete Selected Responses.
  3. All responses can be deleted in bulk by clicking the Select Bulk Action > Delete All Responses.

Deleted Responses can be restored by clicking the Deleted filter above the list of responses. Once the deleted responses load, select the responses you want to restore and click Select Bulk Action > Restore Selected Responses. If you want to restore all, choose the Restore All Deleted Responses option.

If you've recorded test data, responses marked as "Test" can be easily filtered out of Reports and Exports.

If you've done testing and just wish to start from scratch we recommend copying your test survey!

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