Add and Delete Users

If you are on an SurveyGizmo | CE account, click here to learn about adding users.

The user management system allows SurveyGizmo | Enterprise account administrators to manage users' licenses, surveys, and roles. Account administrators are the only users that can add, edit, or disable users from a SurveyGizmo account. Team Managers have the option to add, edit, and remove users from their teams, but not from the overall SurveyGizmo account.

The user and survey management hierarchy in SurveyGizmo works like this:

  • Each user is assigned a specific license which controls access to specific features when logged in.
  • Each of your surveys is owned by a team.
  • Users are assigned to a team which allows access to surveys that are assigned to the same team.
  • Each user has a role. A role is a selection of survey permissions that allow you to customize exactly what your individual users are able to do (e.g. editing a survey, deleting responses, etc). Roles may further restrict a user's access to features otherwise available via their license.

You can also think of this hierarchy in this way:

A license determines the features that are accessed by a user > A team controls what surveys the user can access > A role determines what the user can do with those surveys.

Note: It is important to note that there are scenarios in which Roles will trump Licenses and also scenarios in which Licenses will trump Roles.

If a user has been assigned a Full Access License and given a Tester Role on a team, their full access would be restricted for any surveys on that same team.

Similarly, if a user has been assigned a Stakeholder User License and is given an Editor Role on a team, their report license would restrict them from making edits to any surveys.

The take away is that the more restrictive of the two (License vs Role) will take precedent.

Go to Account > User Management > Users. In the lower half of the page, you will see how many users you have available determined by the number of available licenses on your account. Learn more about purchasing and managing licenses.

Add a Single User

You can manually add users one by one by clicking the Invite Users button or import a list of users.

Click Invite Users to add a new user

After clicking on the Invite Users button, on the Profile tab add the Username and Email, and select an available license for the new user in the License dropdown.

Create user's profile

Scroll down to Permissions to customize the following permissions for the user:

On the Teams/Projects tab you'll see that the user is assigned to Team 1 as an Editor by default (if you do not have a Team 1 they will be assigned to the first team in your list of teams when sorted alphabetically). Editors have full access to the surveys assigned to this team (provided that their license does not otherwise restrict their access). You can remove them from Team 1 by clicking the red X to the right.

To add the new user to a different team select the team in the dropdown menu and click the Add User to Team button and then click Save User.

Select user's team/s

If you added the user to more than one team you'll want to specify the survey default team. By default, when a user creates a survey it will be assigned to the team that appears first in their list of teams when alphabetized. If you wish to override this default click the star icon in the Survey Default column. 

If you'd like to change the user's role, simply click the role name to do so.

Note: The Role that you choose may further restrict the user's access to features that are otherwise available via their license. For example, a user with a Standard License can create and edit surveys. Applying a role of Stakeholder to that user would restrict them to working with reports only.

If you'd like to limit the user to a subset of their team's surveys you can do so under Limit Access to the Following Projects ONLY

When you are finished setting up the user click Save User. This will send the user a welcome email with a temporary password to log in. This message might get filtered into junk or spam folders so have your new user check there if they do not receive the message.

Import a Spreadsheet to Bulk Add or Bulk Update Users

If you wish to import a list of users you can import data to the following fields via a spreadsheet (CSV or XLS format). Use this tool to either create new users or update existing users (e.g. change licenses).

Standard Fields
Possible Value/ Example Value
Unique ID number assigned to each user by SurveyGizmo
(Only when updating an existing user.)
This will display in the application as the user's name.
John Doe

This is the email address the user will use to log in.
License Type
This is the license type you wish to assign to the user.
Collaborator, Professional, Market Researcher, HR Professional, Full Access
Not required, however, the user will not be able to log in without a license type.
In this field you can specify the team or teams you wish to assign the user to (if there is more than one, separate them by commas). Following the team you should specify, in parens, the role you wish to give the user on that team.
Team 1(Editor), Team 2(Reporter)

If you wish to make the user an account administrator, place the word "checked" in this field.
checked, no, blank 
(if left blank the user will be a non-admin)

Phone Support
If you have purchased Premium Support, place the word "checked" in this field to provide a user with premium phone access.
checked, no, blank
(if left blank the user will not be a premium phone support user)

Custom Fields
Possible Value/ Example Value
User Data Fields
These are custom UserData fields you can create to store additional data about your SurveyGizmo users.

Here is an example spreadsheet that you can download. Columns A - F provide you with the Standard Fields mentioned above. Columns G & H provide examples of User Data Fields that can be created.

Example spreadsheet of users for upload

You can clear out the information provided in the above spreadsheet (leaving the headers) and use it as a template for your upload. Each user that you need to add should have their own row in the spreadsheet.

To get started with your user import, access Account > User Management > Users and click the arrow to the right of the Invite Users button and select Import Users.

Import Users

Click Choose a file, select the file you wish to upload, and indicate whether your file includes a header row. Click Continue

Choose file for import

Map the fields in your file to the corresponding fields in SurveyGizmo and click Continue

Map import fields

On the next screen, you can elect to have a confirmation email sent to you when the upload is finished. This email will contain an error log that will alert you to any problems with your file/upload.

Click Continue to finish the upload process.

Finish upload process

It is important to note that uploads are added to a queue so it may take a little bit of time for your users to upload.

Bulk Update Users

You can make the following bulk updates to users from Account > User Management > Users

  • Disable/Activate users in bulk
  • Set Licenses for users in bulk
  • Add to/Remove from a team

To find the bulk update options for users simply select the checkbox to the left of the user. In the banner that appears select your action. 

Bulk update options for users

Disabling Users

Users can be disabled (deleted) to free up a user seat using the red x on the Users tab. You will be asked to confirm this via a pop-up.

Click the red x to disable a user

You can also bulk disable users by selecting the checkbox to the left of the user. Then, in the blue banner that appears above your user list click the Disable button. 

Bulk disable users

Disabled users will no longer have access to the SurveyGizmo account. If you need to restore a disabled user, you can find them by clicking Status > Disabled. Click the curly arrow icon next to their user to restore their access to the account.

Filtering to view disabled users

Or select multiple users to reactivate by selecting the checkbox to the left of the user. Then, in the blue banner that appears above your user list click the Activate button.

Reactivating disabled users


What happens to surveys created by deleted users?

The surveys are preserved as is, including the team, and created by username.

Why Am I Getting An "Email Address Is Already In Use" Error?

Both when signing up for a new SurveyGizmo account and when adding users to a multi-user account you may run into the below error message telling you "that email address is already in use."

SurveyGizmo does not allow a given email address to be assigned to more than one user record in the SurveyGizmo system.

If you encounter the "That email address is already in use..." error while attempting to add a user to your account, this means that the email address is already associated with a SurveyGizmo user.

Email-already-in-use error

Fortunately, there is a way around this! You can append a plus sign (+) and any combination of words or numbers after your email address.

For example, if your email address is, say, you could set up your email address on a second SurveyGizmo account as Both email addresses will deliver any associated messages to

Depending on the user's need/preference they will need to either update the email address that they are using for the other account, or provide you with another email to use for the account to which you are adding them. Contact our support team if none of these solutions is an option for you!

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