Automatically Disable Users in Your Account

Account Administrators on have the option to automatically disable users on their account that have been inactive for a specified amount of time.

Particularly with large accounts, this option can help in managing your user seats and freeing up un-used seats automatically.

Automatically Disable Users

Before enabling Automatic User Disabling, it is important to note that this setting is applied retroactively. If you set your inactivity period to 1 week, any users who have not logged in for at least that long will be eligible to be disabled when you save these settings.

In order to specify Automatic User Disabling, Account Administrators can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Account > Summary > Security and Compliance.
  2. Scroll to the User Management section and check the box labeled Disable users for inactivity.
  3. Specify the number of weeks that a user must be inactive in order to be disabled.

    Once configured, users that meet this period of inactivity will be disabled within 24 hours.
    Configure Automatic User Disabling
  4. Make sure to Save your settings at the bottom of the page once you are ready.


  • Only Account Administrators can configure Automatic User Disabling.
  • Account Administrator users are exempt from Automatic User Disabling.
  • Users that have never logged in are exempt from Automatic User Disabling.
  • If administrator privileges are removed from an Account Administrator, they become eligible to be automatically disabled.
  • The disabling process will run once per day.


How is inactivity determined?

Inactivity is measured as the amount of time since the user's last login session.

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