Delete a Survey

Looking to delete a survey? Maybe you created a couple of copies for testing and now you want to clean up your home page? To delete a survey go to your home page.

Find the survey you wish to delete.

If you are in list view click the ellipsis on the right-hand side of your survey and select Delete Survey.

If you are in table view click the ted X icon on the right of the survey you wish to delete.

This will place the survey in your deleted folder. If you need to restore a deleted survey check out our Restore a Deleted Survey Tutorial to learn how. Looking to permanently delete your survey and all responses? Check out our article on Permanently Deleting Data.

What's the Difference Between Deleted Surveys and Archived Surveys?

Deleted surveys and archived surveys have several things in common.

  • The do not display in the All Surveys list or in any other folder.
  • The can be restored if necessary.
  • Neither deleted nor archived surveys will be permanently deleted without an administrative user submitting a request.

There are also some differences.

  • Application access - When clicked from their respective folder on the home page deleted surveys can be viewed on the Build tab, however, archived must be restored in order to review them.
  • Share link behavior - Share links from deleted surveys will show a survey-not-found page. Share links from archived surveys will continue to work as their survey status specifies (open v closed).

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