Set Up Answer Option Quotas

Use caution when using quotas in combination with Data Retention Policy Settings. Learn more.

Option quotas allow you to set a limit for the number of times a given answer option can be selected. For example, if you have a sign-up form for a service, such as massages, physical training or a personal training session, you would want to use option quotas to prevent too many sign-ups for a single time slot.

As you can see in the answer below, time slots 10:00 - 11:00 and 1:00 - 2:00 have been removed. This is because the quota has been met for this time slot! Pretty fancy, eh?

Example Survey Question

Setup Option Quotas

  1. Edit or create your question.
  2. Click the pencil icon to the right of the answer option.
    Edit Answer Option
  3. Click on the Quotas tab and then enter the maximum number of responses that will be collected for this answer option.
    Enter Option Quota
  4. Click Done and Save Question.


Answer option quotas are not compatible with piping.

Compatible Question Types

Option Quotas are not compatible with subquestions of either the Custom Group or the Custom Table.

Questions with option quotas work best on one-page (plus the Thank You page) surveys or on the last page (the page preceding the Thank You page) - Because partial responses count towards the quota, it is best to place questions with option quotas on the final data collection page of the survey to prevent incomplete responses from counting towards the quota.


What happens if a respondent uses their back button and changes their response to the question with option quotas?

When respondents change their answer both quotas old and new will be updated!

Do responses have to be complete to count towards the quota?

Partial responses count towards the quota. As soon as the Next or Submit buttons on the page are clicked the respondent's selection will count towards the quota.

What happens if I edit responses using edit links or the edit response feature?

When responses are edited both quotas old and new will be updated!

What happens if I delete a response?

When a response is deleted the answer option quota will be updated. The slot will be freed up to be claimed by another respondent.

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