How do I set up a question so that respondents are required to answer?

Are you looking to require that respondents answer a given question? You can do this in three clicks. 

  1. Edit your question.
  2. Check the Require this question option directly below the question title field.
    Require this Question
  3. Save your question. When you are finished you will see the required asterisk next to the question's title. Required Question Asterisk

Learn about other require settings in the Require Question Settings Tutorial

Require Questions in Bulk

  1. If you want to quickly require/unrequire questions in bulk, you can click on Tools > Bulk Editor.
  2. Then select which questions you want to adjust.
  3. Use the Select an Action menu to select your desired action and click Perform Action on Selected Items.Require Questions in Bulk

 Best Practice Tip

As a general rule, we're not fans of required questions in surveys. We believe that you should only be asking questions for which you really need the data. Require settings can be fatiguing and possibly frustrating for your respondents. When using require settings we recommend doing the following:

  • Do not remove required icons.
  • Provide your respondents with an opt-out option such as Not Applicable or None of the Above when requiring questions. Learn how to set these up in our Answer Option Special Settings Tutorial!
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