Change Required Message Text

If you wish to change the text of your required error messages go to Tools > Text & Translations. Click on the language for which you wish to change the text and go to the Messages tab. Scroll to the Page Error. This is the first of all the required error messages. Click Edit to the right to customize your required error messages.

You can also Change the Color of Validation Error Messages.

Change Required Message Text: Text & Translations

Remove the "Go to First Error" Link

Available to: Standard Market Research Educational Full Access

Looking to remove the "Go to first error" link? You can do so with a little JavaScript on the page. To do so, click to Add New Action at the bottom of each page and select JavaScript. Give your action a description that is meaningful to you and click Save Action and Edit. Copy and paste the below JavaScript code. Then, simply copy this action and move to each page that has required questions.

$(".sg-error-message a").hide();

Change Required Message Text: Message Example

If you are instead looking to remove the entire message that contains the Go to the first error link, use the below script instead:


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