Survey Quotas: Quota Based Logic

You can use both Overall and Segmented Quotas as the basis for question and page logic conditions. Use your quotas as the source for logic conditions in order to:

  • Show specific messages to your survey respondents based on how full your quota is (as a percentage)
  • Ask certain questions to the first half of your survey respondents (for example)
  • Trigger an email to be sent to yourself as your quota is nearing completion (via a Send Email Action)

Haven't configured your quotas yet? Take a look at the setup instructions.


1. Edit the question, action, or element that you wish to trigger based on your quota's completion percentage.

2. Select the Logic tab and click to Only show this element based on answers to previous questions or other logic conditions.

3. From the Select a condition drop-down, navigate to the Quotas section and select either Overall Response Quota or an available Segmented Quota (the title of the quota will be shown).

4. Select an operator for your logic rule. The following operators are available for Quotas:

  • is exactly equal to
  • is not exactly equal to
  • greater than
  • greater than or equal to
  • less than
  • less than or equal to

Note: Operators that are not compatible with Quotas will be grayed-out.

5. Last, enter a numerical value for the Percent Filled field to complete your Logic Rule.

Note: In our example, we trigger a message to show once the quota is over 50% full.

6. Click Save Question in the bottom right to finish setup.

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