Exclude Not Applicable (N/A) Answer Option

Providing survey respondents with the ability to opt-out of a question when it does not apply to them will eliminate bias in your data. Using our Special Settings, you can set up answer options such as "Not applicable" so that other options cannot be selected in tandem. You will also be able to remove not applicable responses from your reports.

This special setting is available for the following questions:

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Apply the Not-Applicable Special Setting

Edit your question. Scroll to your answer options and click the pencil icon next to the answer option.

Access Not Applicable Special Setting

Select the special setting you would like to apply from the Special Settings dropdown.

Select Not Applicable Special Setting

Exclude NA Option From Standard Reports

  • If your question contains a Not Applicable answer option and you have applied a numeric Reporting Value, the NA option will be included when calculating the average.
  • If a non-numeric reporting value has been defined, the NA option will not be included when calculating the average.
  • If you choose to not show the Not Applicable answer option per the below setting, the NA option will not be included when calculating the average.

Answer options that have the Not Applicable special setting applied, can be excluded from your Standard Report data via an overall report setting.

  1. To apply this setting, navigate to Report Options > Answer Options. Access Report Options
  2. Deselect the option for N/A options.Remove N/A Options From Standard Report

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