Why Are My Responses Blank?

There are a couple of scenarios where you might have responses under the Individual Responses section of your Results tab that include no data.

Complete responses with no data - If all of your survey questions are un-required, survey respondents can make it through the entire survey without recording any data. This response will still show as a completed response under Individual Responses.

Partial responses with no data - Partial responses with no data can be the result of either:

  • un-required questions which allow the respondent to navigate past the first page of your survey 
  • unanswered required questions on the first page. Attempting to submit the first page of a survey without answering required questions will trigger the this question is required message (thus hitting SurveyGizmo servers and recording a Partial response)

Under Results > Individual Responses, partial responses will be flagged as such in the Status column. By default, Partial responses are not included in reports and exports but you can easily change this. Learn how!

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