Required Questions Left Unanswered in Complete Responses?

Here and there you may come across a complete response where required questions are left unanswered. Wondering how this might happen?

There are usually two scenarios where this might happen:

  1. This can happen if the respondent does not have JavaScript enabled on their browser. The required setting is run using JavaScript and, when disabled, the required functionality will not work.
  2. A rarer scenario can come up where the respondent did answer the questions and then used the browser's back and next buttons instead of those in the survey.

If you've checked with your respondent and confirmed that JavaScript is, in fact, enabled, contact us and we would be happy to dig a little further.

There is one more scenario that can yield a response that appears to be a complete response but a required question is left unanswered. The scenario is as follows:

  • You have a one-page survey with several questions (some of these questions are required while others are not)
  • A respondent answers most of these questions leaving at least one of the required questions unanswered.
  • When the respondent clicks the Submit button, the survey throws an error letting them know that they have failed to answer a required question. The respondent then leaves the survey without answering this question.
  • When a respondent clicks next or submit on a page, the page is sent to SurveyGizmo servers and thus any answered questions are collected. A response in this scenario would be marked as a Partial response.

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