User Access Logs

  • User Access Logs

Do you need to see what users are doing in your SurveyGizmo account? As an Account Administrator you can review user access logs for all activity in your account under Account > User Management > User Access Logs.

This report will include a date and time stamp, the User ID, Username, Action, User Email, and the IP Address for all actions in your account.

Filtering and Searching

In the upper-right corner click the Filter option to filter by a date range and/or the specific user. There is also a search field that can be used to search by a user ID or survey ID.

Filter or Search the User Access Logs

Where do I find these IDs?

Throughout the User Access Logs, there will be many IDs. Not sure where to find these?

Survey ID

To get the Survey ID take a look at the URL while you are on the Build tab. The number that follows /id/ is your survey ID.

Question & Page IDs

Question and Page IDs are available on the Build tab.

  1. Click the link to View Settings.
  2. Select Page IDs and Question IDs then Apply.
    Show Question & Page IDs

The Page IDs and Question IDs will display throughout the survey. 

Question & Page IDs on the Build Tab

User IDs

User IDs can be found by accessing Account > User Management > Users. Once there, click on the Export Users List link at the bottom of the page. The resulting spreadsheet will contain a UserID column.


Only 90-days of history will be available for viewing.


Can I download the User Access Logs?

No, at this time User Access Logs are available online only.

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