Real-time Reports and Exports

The Standard Report automatically updates with new responses; this is one of the biggest advantages that the Standard Report has over the Legacy Summary Report.

Important Notes About the Data That Displays in Your Standard Report

  • Old test data, that is, test data that was created prior to the release of the Standard Report (03/22/2015) will not display in your report.
  • The initial indexing of responses might take a few moments. Click the link to View a Snapshot link if you simply cannot wait to jump in.
  • Once your report has loaded, there will be a 1 to 5-minute caching delay on pulling new responses or edits to responses.

Standard Report: New Responses Loading

Updating Other Reports to Show New Responses

All of our other reports and exports do not automatically update in real-time as respondents submit responses, this includes the Legacy Summary Report, Profile Report, Comparison Report, Crosstab Report, and TURF Reports. However, we do have a way for shared links to reports/exports to update when they are viewed. Please note this will only work on shared links, not embedded reports.

If you share a link to a report, you can append &realtime=true to the end of the link and it will update when the link loads.

A link to a report would look like this:

To keep all customers' Reports and Exports running as smoothly as possible, there are some limitations:

  1. This will only refresh a report once every 15 minutes.
  2. If there is no new data it will not refresh, it will just show you the last run.
  3. If you have more than 20,000 responses, then realtime=true will not work.
  4. This only works on links to reports/exports, it will not work on an embed.
  5. The realtime=true variable will expire after 20 days if the link is not refreshed during that time. At that point, you will need to refresh the report/export manually in the application before you can use the realtime variable again.

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