Create a Yes / No Question

Need to create a Yes/No Question? Follow these 5 easy steps!

  1. Click Add New Question at the bottom of the page. When the question editor panel opens, Radio Button will be selected by default in the Question Type dropdown menu. When asking a yes/no question you'll want to use this question type, as it is a single-select question. You can, if you wish, change it to a Dropdown Menu question type, as this also only allows your respondents to select a single answer.
    Create a Radio Button Question
  2. Next, enter the question you wish to ask.
    Enter Question Text
  3. Click the Common Answer Library link.
    Use Common Answer Library
  4. In the dropdown menu that appears select Yes / No. The default Option 1/2 answers will be replaced with Yes/No answers.
    Select a Yes/No Question
  5. Make sure to Save Question. Et voila! you've just created a Yes/No Question!
    Finished Yes/No Question

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