Administrative Questions

Administrative questions are not visible to the respondent but are instead available to survey administrators via Individual Responses after the response has been submitted. You can include administrative questions throughout your survey and can add them at any point in the survey cycle, even after data has been collected!

Administrative questions are particularly useful when using SurveyGizmo for evaluations, job applications, lead generation, etc. For example, you could add admin questions to a job application that would give you the ability to give the applicant overall rank, or rank them on certain areas of the application or even track their progress in the interview process. 

Please note, admin questions are not accessible within the survey response itself. They can only be accessed within Individual Responses in the application.

Adding Admin Questions to your Survey

Administrative questions are like any other survey question; they are just hidden from the respondent. So, adding an administrative question is as simple as adding a question to your survey. 

1. Click Add Question on the page you would like to add your admin question

2. Select a question and customize the Title and Answers, then click the Logic tab

3. Select This is an admin-only question and Save QuestionWhen you return to the survey this question will be flagged as Admin. Questions flagged as admin only will not be visible to your respondents but will be available to survey administrators in the Individual Response.

Using/Answering Admin Questions

You can add an administrative question at any time in the survey cycle. If you know in advance that you'll need administrative questions, you can add them during the survey building process. Not all projects allow this level of foresight though, so you can add them after data collection (or even during if you are careful to mark the question as admin before saving so the question is not visible to respondents). 

If you have admin questions set up you can use these questions at any time following these steps:

1. Go to Responses, navigate to your desired response and click the response to edit.

2. Scroll to your admin questions and answer accordingly.

3. Once all applicable admin questions have been answered click Done.

Admin Question User Permission

Admin users, as well as, users with the Editor role will have access to create and answer admin questions.  If you'd like to create a custom role that allows or disallows the ability to answer admin questions, this can be done provided you are an Account Administrator. Head to Account > User Management > Roles > + Add Role

Under the Miscellaneous Permissions, check or uncheck Answer admin questions, then  Save Role.

When this permission is checked, users with this role with have the ability to answer admin questions; unchecked those users will not be able to answer admin questions.  

Reporting and Exporting

Standard Reports

Admin questions will not be included by default in Standard Reports. You can manually add an admin question to your Standard Report. To do so, click Insert between any two report elements and select your Admin Question from the dropdown menu and click Add Question. Reorder if you wish!

Legacy Summary Reports

In Legacy Summary Reports admin questions are included by default.


In CSV/Excel exports, admin questions are included by default and will be exported in the column position relative to their position in the survey.

Note: Administrative Questions will not appear in Bulk PDF Exports.

Incompatible Questions

The following question types cannot be set up as administrative questions: 

Basic Standard Market Research HR Professional Full Access Reporting
Free Individual Team & Enterprise
Feature Included In