Question Library: Who has access?

Account Administrators can create, edit, and unlink Question Library elements.

Users on legacy plans will have the option to create new elements via the import option. Library elements will not be linked in legacy accounts. 

Non-admin users on the above account types will be able to access the Question Library to review its contents but will not be able to create, edit, or unlink Question Library elements unless they have been given permissions to do so as described below.

Give Non-admin Users Permission to Create, Edit, and Unlink Question Library Elements

If you wish to give non-admin users permission to create, edit, and unlink Question Library elements. To do so, create a Custom Role and select the Create and modify projects permission and then select the Create and modify question library elements

Team/Role Affiliation

Accessing Data: User Team/Role Restriction

Within SurveyGizmo, a user accessing data collected via Question Library elements will only be able to view the data collected in surveys they have access to, as defined by their Team/Role affiliation*.

For example, a user who is assigned to only Team A and Team B, will not be able to view data collected via library elements on surveys associated with Team C.

*Team/Role affiliation is controlled by an Account Administrator.

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