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Actions Explore some of SurveyGizmo’s most popular Actions including the Quiz Score Action, Email Action and More!  Data Import Learn how to import data into your surveys from other surveys and external sources (like paper surveys...
Earning Lifelong Customers: Building a Retention Engine with a Single Question - NPS
84% of consumers trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends about products, making them the information sourced ranked highest for trustworthiness. Do you know how likely your customers are to recommend you? A single question c...
Essential Brand Awareness Research Tips For Universities
Why should academic institutions worry about brand awareness? A strong brand: Attracts top-notch students, faculty, and staff Helps improve fundraising results Garners better media coverage In short, the better your university'...
5 Tips To Improve Your Alumni Survey
Engaged and responsive alumni spell success for institutions of all sizes, but how can you collect more data from this valuable demographic? Maryann Griffin, Research Analyst with Wilmington University’s Office of Institutional Research,...
Survey Project Managment Tips
This step-by-step process will make your next survey less stressful and more successful! From scoping objectives to writing questions, to analyzing data, there are many stops on the road to an outstanding survey project. This expert-led webina...
Making Sense of Your Survey Data
"Reporting on your data" sounds like a simple process, but choosing the wrong report can cause you to miss crucial insights.. Our data analysis expert goes back to basics, walking you through the foundations of data analysis so you&#...
Customer Metric Showdown: CSAT vs. NPS
Customer feedback is critical for brand growth. But what is the best format for gathering this feedback? When used properly, customer satisfaction and NPS surveys reduce customer churn and allow businesses to grow by exceeding customer expecta...
Reach the Right Respondents Through Panels
When you don't have access to the exact audience that you need for your survey, panels fill in the gaps. These collections of paid respondents offer new sources of survey data, but they aren't without their challenges. We've invite...
Influencer Marketing: To Pay or Not to Pay
Influencer marketing keeps getting hotter as more social media platforms force marketers to "pay to play" and millennial consumers continue to be blind to traditional advertising. While top brands are implementing epic influencer market...
What Market Researchers Can Learn From Political Polls - SurveyGizmo Customer Spotlight Webinar
What do political polls and market research have in common? Both are used to predict outcomes and form strategies, but political polls have become more unreliable in predicting outcomes. With the election season upon us, political polls have a...
Collect Data Anywhere: Tips and Tricks for Running Offline Surveys
An internet connection isn't a prerequisite for collecting useful data. Offline surveys let you conduct research and gather feedback anywhere, from the great outdoors to a convention center with unreliable WiFi. Dr. Maryalice Wu of the Uni...
 Satisfying the Dissatisfied: How to Increase Customer Retention and Market Share
You know you have to measure customer satisfaction, but just collecting feedback isn’t enough. You need to explore what is causing customer dissatisfaction so you know exactly what actions to take. Don't assume you can rely on your fron...
Grow Your Business Through Customer Feedback
Satisfied customers can influence hundreds, thousands, or even millions of potential new customers. It is not surprising the companies that focus on customer experience are more likely to drive growth than those that don’t. Better customer ...
Best Practice Survey Tips for Conducting Benchmark Research
To systematically compare changes in business processes and performance over time, benchmark studies cannot be beat. They allow organization to measure improvements, identify opportunities, uncover strengths and weaknesses within the organizat...
Enrich Your Research with Text Analysis
Text analysis allows you to enrich your quantitative research with qualitative data.
How to Get the Most Out of Your Product Concept Testing
Launching a new product idea or marketing campaign? Concept testing can help you evaluate consumer response before it is released to the masses - reducing your anxiety and risk. To help make your concept testing a success, we've invited Mi...
How to Strengthen B2B Customer Relationships with Actionable Feedback
Leading B2B companies know that they need to do more than measure customer satisfaction. They need to collect actionable insight to strengthen customer relationships. If  you're looking to reduce churn and increase revenue growth, you...
Foster Workplace Engagement with an Employee Engagement Survey
Did you know that 70% of U.S. workers don't like their job? Dissatisfied workers are less engaged and productive. Don't assume that an increase in pay will solve the problem. Feeling valued and appreciated are bigger factors when it comes...
Get The Most Out of 360 Surveys: Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid
As more and more HR departments switch from the traditional employee review to a 360 survey review, you might be wondering why.  Traditional employee performance reviews give a single, top-down perspective, which is limited and tells...
Doing More with Less through Agile Market Research
Marketers and researchers are tasked to do more with less time and a limited budget. This includes unplanned research requests from upper management. Sure, you want to accommodate these requests, but how can you without sacrificing the quality...
Attract New Attendees and Sponsors with A Post-Event Survey
Event planners are consumed with how to attract attendees and sponsors for their event.  But don't make the mistake of thinking that your work is done once the event is over. Savvy planners know that a post-event survey is the first step...
Enhance Your Business Strategy Using Customer Feedback
Learn how to capitalize on customer feedback! Better business decisions are made when you have direct feedback from your customers. Before you finalize your business strategy for 2017 make sure you are acting on data, not your gut. Mountain...
Back Up Your Survey Findings with Qualitative Data
So you just finished your quantitative study. What’s next? Because quantitative data answers “what”, it’s important to follow up with a qualitative study that explains the “why” behind the “what.&rdquo...
Develop Personas to Supercharge Your Marketing Campaign
Do you want to know the best way to connect with potential buyers in a meaningful way? The secret is to create marketing personas. Personas go beyond demographics and leverage attitudes and behaviors to put a name, face, and a background s...
How To Deliver Feedback After the Employee Survey Review
Everybody hates employee reviews, and for good reason; who likes receiving negative feedback? Employee survey reviews aren’t going away, so what can you do differently to help your employees get through this process? Giving feedback to e...
Gamify Your Market Research and Win the Rewards
Gamification can be an effective approach to increase motivation and engage participants in a study. But implementation can be tricky and has kept many researchers from adopting this methodology. If you've been hesitant to adopt this appro...