Set Up DKIM & SPF Records

Configuring your domain with DKIM & SPF Records enables the use of a custom From Email address in SurveyGizmo Email Actions and Email Campaigns.

If you prefer to send via a SMTP server, visit the instructions here.

There are two DNS-based records that need to be in place (though both records are of the same type (txt), two separate records are needed):

  • SPF record
  • DKIM record

The setup process involves configuration both within SurveyGizmo and on the domain's DNS record. 

In order to configure your DKIM and SPF records, you will need to be a SurveyGizmo Account Administrator. You will also likely need access to your organization's (or client's) domain administrator or IT Team (or direct access to your domain's DNS record settings).

SurveyGizmo-Side Configuration

To begin your DKIM/SPF configuration within SurveyGizmo, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your account integrations page via Account > Integrations > 3rd Party Integrations.

2. Scroll to the bottom-half of the Integrations page and click the Configure button next to the Custom Email Settings option. 

3. Provide an Integration Name. This is the internal title that will be used to identify this integration in Email Actions and Email Campaigns. It is important to make this name something meaningful like DKIM & SPF for

4. (Optional) Determine whether you want this integration to serve as the default for any Email Actions and Email Campaigns that are created going forward.

The option to Use this integration as the default for all new email invitations and email actions will be automatically selected. Un-check the option if needed.

5. Select Send emails using SurveyGizmo's servers (Setup SPF and DKIM). This will expose additional fields for configuring this integration.

6. Within the From Address section, provide your Domain Name and Default From Address.

Note: This is the domain that you want to use as your From Address within Email Actions and Email Campaigns. The above Default From Address can be updated when configuring your Email Actions or Campaigns (the domain cannot be updated).

Setup SPF and DKIM

The next several steps will need to be executed within the domain's DNS settings by referencing the SPF Settings section.

Domain-Side Configuration

7. Within SurveyGizmo, the SPF Settings section will provide you with the SPF Entry that will need to be added to your domain's SPF Record. Copy the SPF Entry from the provided field or reference it here:

v=spf1 ~all

Within your domain's DNS settings, create a new TXT record and add the above content.

8. Again within SurveyGizmo, under DKIM Settings you will need to generate your public key. This public key will then need to be added to your domain's DNS Server.

Click Generate DKIM to generate your public key.

Generate DKIM Key

A DNS Domain Name (the DNS domain name for the public key) as well as the DNS Public Key will be generated:

DKIM: DNS Public Key

Within your domain's DNS settings, create a new TXT record with the following Name and Content:

  • Name:
  • Content: paste the DNS Public Key you just generated

Important! Some systems require that you enter the quotes (that surround the key) and separate the public key into multiple strings under 255 characters whereas other systems for managing DNS do this automatically. This can cause extra quotes to be added to your key and make the DKIM record invalid.

If your record is invalid, make sure that there are not multiple sets of quotes surrounding the key wherever it was entered. 

9. Back in SurveyGizmo, click the Save button to finish setup.

Note: You will notice that both your SPF and DKIM Settings are not validated during setup. We will attempt to validate your settings when you Save your integration.

We perform this validation by sending a test email (to one of our servers) and reviewing the email headers of that test email.

Your DKIM & SPF Records will need to be verified before you can start using them in email sends. On the main Integrations page, look for the green check-mark under the Verified column.

Verified Integration

Testing Your DKIM Record

When a new DNS record is created, it can take several minutes to propagate and be available for querying. We recommend waiting around 10 minutes following the record being put in place before testing.

To test for a DKIM record, follow these steps:

1. Via your browser, navigate to

2. In the Domain Name field, enter the domain that you want to test and click the TXT Lookup button.

  • To see a successful record, enter and click TXT Lookup. This will show you a return for a correctly configured DKIM record.
  • Next, enter your domain, i.e. and click TXT Lookup to test your domain.

MX ToolBox: DKIM Check

You can also perform an SPF and DKIM check using

  • To see a successful record, enter in the domain name field and surveygizmokey1._domainkey in the DKIM Selector field.
  • Specifically with regard to the DKIM Check, a successful record will return "Key Length" information. If a key length value cannot be retrieved, you will see "We were not able to retrieve the key length..." message. Make sure the key was entered correctly and retry.

Next Steps

Now that you have configured your SPF & DKIM records, learn about customizing your email From Address to use what you have configured:

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