Schedule a Survey to Close Automatically

Many surveys and projects have hard deadlines as to when the survey closes. Rather than logging into SurveyGizmo at 11:59 on the night before, you can automatically close your survey on a specified date.

  1. Go to Tools > Survey Settings.
  2. Scroll down and enter the date and time that you want the survey to close in the Automatically Close Survey field.
  3. Click Save Settings in your account's time zone. This field uses 24 hour time so 11:59pm should be entered as 23:59.

Closing a project will close all survey share links preventing respondents from recording further responses or completing partial responses. All links and campaigns will be closed and will display the close message. If 

Note: Test links will also close when using the Automatically Close Survey feature.

Re-open an Automatically Closed Survey

When re-opening a survey that was closed using the Automatic Close Project feature, you'll need to delete or change the date in this field, as well as, re-open the survey on the Share tab.

Schedule Link-Based Open and Close Dates

You can also specify a close date, as well as an open date, on your individual share links. This way you can leave your link open for certain audiences while having it closed for others. To do so, go to your Share tab and click the link you wish to customize.

On the Advanced tab specify your open and/or close date and time in 24-hour format. Make sure to specify the date and time in EST.

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