What Are the Benefits of Using a SurveyGizmo Email Campaign Instead of My Personal Email?

Our support heroes answer this question all the time! Below we'll cover the benefits of using the SurveyGizmo Email Campaign!

Benefit 1: Track Contacts' Progress and Send Reminders

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the SurveyGizmo Email Campaign is that it sends a unique link to each contact, so you'll have the ability to track each contact's progress and send reminders to those who haven't completed your survey and thank you messages to those who did!

To learn how to send reminder and thank you messages check out our Send a Reminder Thank You Message Tutorial.

Benefit 2: Determine Whose Response is Whose

In addition to the ability to send reminder and thank you messages, the unique links are tied to an email address (and other contact data) you uploaded into your Email Campaign. This way you know whose response is whose!

To learn how to track your email campaign contacts' progress visit our Monitor Your Contacts' Progress Tutorial!

Benefit 3: Use Contact Fields for Personalized Invites and Surveys, and Pre-population

There are 30 fields for storing data about each of your contacts. These fields are fully integrated into your survey to make for the simplest of pre-population methods. When a contact is added to your email campaign and sent an email invitation, the recipient clicks the link, and their contact information will be pulled into the survey and automatically associated with the response. This makes for the opportunity to create more personalized invites as well as a personalized survey-taking experience.

To learn how to use contact data in your invites and survey check out our Using Contact Data in Your Invites and Surveys Tutorial.

Benefit 4: Built-in Save & Continue for Respondents

The default behavior for Email Campaigns is to set up unique links. This allows recipients to resume a partially completed survey by accessing the link again.

Learn more in our Email Campaign Link Behavior Tutorial.

Benefit 5: Built-in Duplicate Protection (One Response Per Link)

The default link behavior also works as built-in duplicate protection. Because the unique links track a respondent's progress, once a response is completed, if the link is accessed again, it will redirect to the Thank You page. 

Learn more in our Email Campaign Link Behavior Tutorial.

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