Verify Two Textbox Entries Match

Verifying the entries in two textboxes match is a very common practice in surveys and web forms. It's a great method for ensuring the email address a survey respondent enters is correct and free of typos.

set this up:

  1. Add textbox questions to the same page (this is only available for questions on the same page). 
  2. Edit your second question and go to the Validation tab.
  3. Scroll to the Advanced section and select the question you would like to validate against in the dropdown that reads Verify this question matches a previous question on this page.

Change or translate the error message

If you wish to change the text of the error message and/or translate this message go to Tools > Text & Translations and click on your language. Scroll to the bottom of the Messages tab edit the Verify Match Error message.

Make sure to leave the merge code :question_title: as this will populate with the question title you are matching against.

Compatible Questions

This feature is available for the following textbox-style question types that are not part of a Custom Group, Contact Form, or Custom Table:

Basic Standard Market Research HR Professional Full Access Reporting
Free Individual Team & Enterprise
Feature Included In