Update Payment Credit Card Info

Billing Information can be updated by Account Administrator users.

To update your billing information (including payment method), click Account > Billing in the upper right hand corner while logged in to SurveyGizmo. The Billing Information section is found at the top of the page.

SurveyGizmo Billing Information

Edit Billing Contact

  1. To edit the Billing Contact information, click the corresponding Edit link and make your changes on the Billing Info tab.
    Update Billing Contact Information
  2. Here, you can also update the account information if needed. Click on the Account Info tab and make any necessary changes there.
    Update Account Information
  3. Click Save when finished.

Update Payment Method

  1. To update the Payment Method, click the corresponding Update link directly under your current payment method information.
    Update Payment Method (Credit Card Information)
  2. Use the provided form to update your credit card information (including the billing address associated with the card). Make sure to click the Submit button to finish.
    Update Credit Card Information

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