Why Can't I See My Survey Changes?

If you are planning on making edits to a live survey, take a moment to review best practices for making such changes.

While any changes you make to your survey can be viewed right away in the application, the time it takes for live, external survey links and embeds to reflect changes will take a little longer. This depends primarily on whether or not the link has been accessed before on that computer and browser. If so, it will take about 15-20 minutes for these changes to appear in the live link.

We have a tool to get around this! Go to the Tools menu within your survey and select the option to Clear Link Cache. This will clear all of the links associated with your surveys so that any recent updates are reflected!

Clear Link Cache

There are a couple of other options to get around this:

  • Create a new share link on the Share tab.
  • Clear your browser history and cache.
  • Open the survey in a different browser.

Offline surveys will require a few more steps to pull updates:

  1. With an internet connection, upload the existing responses on your devices.
  2. Delete the current bookmark to your offline survey.
  3. Clear your cache and cookies.
  4. Download and bookmark a new offline link.


For embedded surveys we recommend going into your website where you embedded the survey and then re-saving that page. This will force the embed to refresh and pull new changes.

Save & Continue, Email Campaigns & Edit Links:

If a respondent has already accessed the survey and is using an edit link, save and continue link, or email campaign link to re-enter the survey, they will not see any changes you may have made to the survey. If this is the case, contact support for additional assistance.

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