Home Page & Application


Customize Your Home Page
The home page or Dashboard is the main interface of your SurveyGizmo account. Each user in your SurveyGizmo account can customize the home page to meet their needs.  View Your Surveys in List View By default your home page will display i...
Organize Projects in Folders
Account administrators have the ability to customize the home page using folders. There are four default folders available: All Surveys - This folder includes all surveys that are not deleted or archived. Surveys moved to folders you create w...
Customize Application Look & Feel
To set your application look & feel preference go to Account > Summary > My Preferences. Here you can customize the Application Theme. Choose from: Modern Theme, SurveyGizmo Theme, Strictly Profess..
Turn Off Success Alerts
To set your preferences for the success alerts that display within the application go to Account > My Preferences. You can turn on and off success alerts here. These are the messages that slide down
Download a List of All Projects/Surveys in Your Account
If you are looking for a list of all projects, a.k.a. surveys, in your account, click the Download Survey List link in the bottom-left corner of your Home Page/Dashboard.
Understanding Survey Statuses
If you are using the list view on the home page you'll notice that surveys have a number of different colors which correspond to the status badges on each survey.
Why Can't I See My Survey On The Homepage?
Sorting out why a given user in a multi-user account is not seeing a survey on their home page can be a tricky problem to solve. Fortunately, this problem is usually the result of one of two thing
Transfer Surveys Across Accounts
Using the Survey Transfer Tool, Account Administrators can transfer a copy of their surveys, as well as, their corresponding responses and reports, from one account to another.