Export Data to FTP

You many need to whitelist SurveyGizmo IP addresses for SFTP. Please fill out our IP Address Request Form to receive these.

Send an export of your survey's raw data to an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site on the Share tab of your CSV/Excel Export. To set this up start by creating a CSV/Excel Export and click Customize Report. On the Share tab scroll to the File Transfer Service Settings:

Host/IP - Specify your FTP Host IP address. The full file path must be specified, that is, it must contain the root directory and all other subdirectories in which a file or folder is contained.

Username and Password - Enter your Username and Password for the FTP site.

Remote Directory - If you wish to send this to a specific directory on your FTP site specify the path here.

File name - Specify the file name. We recommend appending the file extension .csv so that you can open the file in Excel. You can also use date variables as specified. Spaces are not supported in the file name. 

Available date variables:

  • %d  - day
  • %m - month
  • %Y - year
  • %s - seconds
  • %i - minutes
  • %H - hours (24-hour format)
  • %h - hours (12-hour format)
  • For more info check out the PHP date function documentation: http://php.net/manual/en/function.date.php


What protocols are supported?

Only FTP and SFTP protocols are supported (not FTPS/FTPeS)

What ports are available?

Only ports 22 and 4968 are available for SFTP, only 21 for FTP.

How often is data sent with FTP?

Data is sent over daily at approximately 7am Eastern Standard time. 

Can I schedule FTP sends?

At this time one cannot schedule specifically when data is sent using FTP.

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