Formatting Text: Bold, Italics, Bullet Points, etc.

Formatting text in SurveyGizmo is easy! When you click into a text field that has the option to format the text a little editor, much like you are familiar with using in word processing applications, will appear. To see the full list of formatting options click the 3-dot icon on the far right.

You will have a number of formatting options including (in order that they appear):

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Font Size
  • Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Links tool
  • Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Decrease Indent (available for Bulleted and Numbered Lists)
  • Increase Indent (available for Bulleted and Numbered Lists)
  • Alignment (Left, Right, Center or Justify)
  • Insert Images
  • HTML/Source code tool
  • Tool for removing formatting
  • Tool for pasting from Word
  • Insert Merge Code Tool

Not Seeing the Editor Toolbar?

You may have inadvertently turned it off. Learn how to turn the HTML Editor On/Off!

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