Allow Shared Report Viewer to Filter Report Results

Would you like for your viewers to have an option to filter results in a Shared Report based on a question in your survey? Other than the date filter option in shared reports we do not have a built-in option to allow report viewers to filter results. However, in this tutorial we'll cover the steps to set this up yourself!

Check it out in an example report!

Here is an overview of the steps we'll take to build out one report that allows users to toggle to various other reports, typically filtered results. 

  1. Create multiple reports (these are usually reports with various data filters applied).
  2. Gather report share links.
  3. Add a text element to each report with share links to the various reports you wish to share.
  4. Repeat this process for all of the reports you wish to share.
  5. Share the link to one report with your colleagues and client.

Let’s do this!

Step 1. Create reports.

For our example, we created one main Standard Report that has the responses for all of the stores. Next, we created one report for each store by filtering the responses to only include those responses that visited that location. 

Step 2. Gather report links.

In our example there are five reports. One unfiltered report including responses for all locations, and four filtered reports, one for each location. We grabbed the Shareable Link to each report by clicking the Share Report option to the top-right of the report. We copied each link and pasted it into a plain text editor.

Step 3. Add a text element to each report to include your report links. 

At the top of your main report (the one that displays all the results) click the Insert button and select Text or Image

In the text field begin adding links to the various filtered reports. Start by entering what you would like the clickable text to read. Highlight the text and click the Source button on the editor toolbar then click the Link button. Paste the link to the corresponding report in the URL field and click OK

Build out the links to each report you wish to share and click Add Text when you are finished. 

Here in the report you can see a list of the links to all of the reports. We also added some instructional text to help the viewer to understand what the links are for. 

Step 4. Repeat this process for all of the filtered reports.

It's nice to have the list of the report links at the top of each report so that viewers can easily review the report for All Stores, and the filtered report for each of the stores.

Step 5. Share the link to one report with your colleagues and client.

Here you only need to share the "All Stores" report and the viewer will be able to view all of the data.

Select Share Report to the top-right of your report. There are different ways to Share, Email, and Schedule a Report. You can copy the Shareable Link or email the report automatically.

If you choose to schedule delivery, you only need to schedule a one-time delivery because Standard Reports update automatically when new responses are collected.

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