Using Multiple Conditions and Groups in Logic Rules

You can add multiple Conditions or Groups of conditions to your logic rules. This allows you to combine multiple rules together with an AND or an OR. You can also set up groups for rules together again with an AND or OR.

This allows you to create a logic statement like: "If (Q1 = A AND Q2 = B) OR (Q1 = B) THEN..."

To add another Condition to your logic rule, click the +Add Condition below the first rule you created. Additional rules can be used in conjunction with the existing rule (AND) or to create a separate exclusive condition (OR). Imagine this as a another rule within the parenthesis (e.g. AND Q2 = B ).

To add a new Group of Conditions, click +Add Group and create your rule(s) that can be used in conjunction with the first group or exclusively. Imagine this as another set of parentheses that allows you to have another group of conditions (e.g. OR (Q1 = B) ).

In the above example, the question or page would show for respondents who said they were women of Asian/Pacific Island descent who live in California or Hawaii.

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