Control Who Can Respond to Your Survey

Customers often ask, "How do I prevent someone from forwarding my survey link?" While, there's not a way to prevent forwarding, there are several methods for controlling who can respond to your survey.


The Login/Password action allows you to set up access protection for your survey. Respondents will be required to login to take your survey. You can require both a username and password or a password only. You can also use the Login/Password action for prepopulating your survey with data!

Check out our Login/Password Action Tutorial to learn more!

Email Campaigns

Our Email Campaigns send out a unique link to each contact, thus allowing you to control access to the survey. With Save and Continue turned on within your Email Campaign (this is the default setting), even if the link is forwarded, if the link is clicked a second time it will return to the same response, thus preventing more than one response from being recorded with a given link.

Check out our Share Your Survey Via Email to learn more!

Duplicate Protection

While Duplicate Protection settings will not control who accesses your survey it can be used to prevent more than one response from a given respondent. Check out our Duplicate Protection Tutorial to learn more!

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